Serious Racist Crap

During my Sabbatical and Sojourn in Europe and the USA , I had a field day with these sorts of entitled white Trumplican racist morons …

Shenzi Kabisa … :mad::mad:


this show needs to come back. Lakini sahii with the liberal world order, will never habben

Death to all white dogs and their entitled offsprings

Niaje Chief Chokosh :D:D

Unlike many in here , I was exposed to extreme racism ( …overt and covert …) since my early School days …

Lucky for me , I was surrounded by family and role models who encouraged and sometimes pushed me to THINK for myself and as far as is possible, never accept the second best that people would want you to settle for in life …

Most racists , particularly the younger ones , are just conditioned by the environments that they come from …
They are surrounded by subservient and demeaned black servants from an early age which makes them draw certain conclusions about race …

For me personally , excellence was mainly my path to mental liberation …

  • I beat them with better ideas and strategy.
  • I beat them with better results in class and on the playing field.
  • I stood firm on my rights and never allowed anyone to abuse me.

Somewhere along that experience , they were forced to acknowledge me as an Individual and an equal (… sometimes , as even superior … )…

You do realize you are being an idiot just like those kids! You are just on the other side, racism isn’t cured by more racism, hatred isn’t cured by more hatred. Educate yourself man, this reasoning is just dumb.

Race is a social construct. Its human-invented classification system The genetic difference between humans is very minimal across all races.
It’s actually logically more sound to say i identify as a Mongoloid than as another gender. Gender is Binary, Male/Female, perhaps with the
exception of intersex people- who i think should be classed into the gender whose features/characteristics are dominant. Children are not
born as bullies they learn that behaviour from their parents. Children are not born racist, they definitely learn it from their parents.

Ok , Sasa unataka niseme aje? Niseme they are good kids and Africans should embrace them? Already have order 1000 kitui ghosts to track them and kill them up .sere

Tell us …
What cures racism … ???


I will let @TrumanCapote have the last word on that revelation … :D:D:D

Death to them na ndio wanawalisha? You want to bite the hand feeding you? IMF? Beggars can not be choosers. Tuliza makende pale kwa bench. Your fellow orangutans wameshindwa kumudu inchi zenu you are drowning mukitorokea kwa whites? Nyway kuzalia wazungu is the only hope that the black race has left. Ladies fom ni kuzalia wazungu. These monkeys will destroy the little left. Let’s save ourselves by kuzalia wazungu.

Africans don’t need intermarriage they need to stop acting like children to get respect from other races.

You will never change the fact that you are doing poorly as a people bcz you can’t be strategic and far sighted by marrying into a race that is organized and loves its own enough to do what it takes to give them the best.

Become organized like the Chinese men and see if you won’t get respect. Whites and every other race of men look down on you bcz you are beneath them. You can’t provide your people with jobs or even food, your work is stealing and begging.

The day a black man will be equal to an Arab man let alone a white man is when an Arab woman will leave her baby for 2 years to go be a slave to a black woman. Do you think Arab men see African men as men when they can’t provide basic employment and child support for their women?

Stop blaming people for racism. They disrespect you for tangible reasons. You can’t take care of yourself and your women and children. Respect is earned.

Tuliza ovaries capotte tell your stale ovules to chill . Imf inasaidia na kulisha politicians not me . Mimi nalimaga nakula Mali yangu polepole

Definitely not more racism.

For once i agree with truman shipoto

jerry springer show is my all time number 1 american show

Tulia …

Some of You Juveniles came across that word in here for the first time …


But some Legends and Elders in here experienced it first hand and lived to tell the tale … :confused::rolleyes:

If what @rexxsimba is spouting from his perch of superiority is true, why is he logged in to a system built by the “intellectually inferior” white? Why is he typing away in a PC/Laptop/Handheld constructed by the inferior whites? Why did he travel all the way to the US/EU/Orient, to study in systems built by the inferior white? To study courses developed by the inferior white? Why even in his home country, did he enroll in schools where the majority were “clueless” whites?How does he qualify his assertions? Does an exception prove the rule?

Wewe kijana usikuje hapa kuambia wazee watulie. Hebu fanya uganga hapo kando polepole bila kusumbua. Chunga laana kijana.