Serious DrumSticks …
Her name is Curvy Chris …
This is the LAST Meal I want before I Die … :D:D





Uyu ni urimu

Ghassia hii leta vitu local

Too much trouble to burst a nut.

Na ujue ananuka mavi, hagwesi wipe yote akiwa hiyo size.

sio kila mtu anatumia tissue kama wewe,mbirrioneas use bidets and heated seats thank you very much.Hauogopi kubaki na makaratasi mkunduni?:confused: [SIZE=1]disgusting[/SIZE]

I’ll keep telling you all. This bbws are just eye candy but very useless in bed.


So you want to eat blubber before you die? I’d rather have a steak, thank you very much.

Ama veal…nicely griiled

We dont want your homosexual comments here

You need salvation+ deliverance

Safi saidi

Kìhììiiiiiiiii jeegar

Too much cellulite.

Kîhiiiiiii keino gitiiiiii brare kumbaff ngite

Try and understand what you write sometimes …
In certain parts of the human body , fat deposits are a natural component of the tissues thereon …
Only proportions differ …
Umenyita …???

Eskimos and other Northern populations live on blubber with no adverse effects …

Well spoken , my Good Fellow …
Herewith some more …






And you think if they had an option to live on a fine steak they wouldn’t take it? Vitu zingine watu hukula juu ya kukosa options. Ni kama uniambie chokoraa wanakulanga kwa mapipa with no adverse effects.