Series Ya Kufungua 2020.. Jason Mamoa cums back in "SEE"

Although lesbianism ndio iko kwa wingi in this series, compared to the gay-shit we’ve been used to in most shows, ‘SEE’ is one of my best.
There are only 8 episodes in season 1, nimekesha new year nikiiona and i recommend it to EVERYONE in this forum its a must see.
Basically if a movie/show is starred by Jason mamoa, you know its gonna be epic. I feel like we missed him in Game of Thrones as in
his character/role died off a bit too early.
This is the site which has got all the episodes plus more other tv show you can watch or download it from here;


Watched it late last year. Iko sawa. 9/10

the best actually. waiting to see if they’ll resume from episode 9 or release season 2

they will release season 2

So you guys would recommend this series to other people

starred by Jason momoa… the adrenaline u’ll get from this series utapenda sana

Asante sana nitaitafuta

Blind people who are clean and shave their hair in a fashion, lets not forget thwy wear jewelry. Why is their art visual instead of tacitile or auricular?

I think producers have the answers to the questions

Just like any series, It has got it’s weak and slow points and the premise of the world portrayed is very possible as in a post-apocalyptic era.
The actors have done an amazing job and everyone performs their role impeccably, good production i know ur a critic but give credit where due.

A series of blind people but they do everything like normal people is bulshit sijawatch but nimeona comments YouTube .

The visuals are great, the premise is bad. These people can build houses and even weapons and armor. I would love to watch lakini I can’t get over the fact that that is not how a society of blind people would be. It breaks the immersion.

Series got to have to an intellectual aspect.Thats why it’s a no for me

Fight scenes za see ziko fiti zinashinda ata zile za wajamaa wanaona ikona potential but The Witcher naona inaenda kuwa replacement poa ya GOT

They should. We need to see what happened to the not blind girl


I rate it 4/10