Series suggestion: Warrior sn 2

Cinemax doesnt disappoint. The series is well choreographed.

The fate of the series hangs in the balance though as Cinemax has moved away from original programming meaning if the series wont be picked up by another cable network or streaming service, then season 2 will be its last. Fingers crossed!

Nangoja nimalize final episode ya season 2 inafaa kukua available by today
The tv show is in fire
Shida ni this kind of tv series hua hazi last they always get cancelled
Wacha tuone kama hii ita survive for season 3

Ni kama tu Into the badlands. It was a nice series with good fight scenes and choreography only for it to be cancelled. Technically, the series is cancelled by Cinemax. Andrew Koji who plays Ah Sahm on the show hopes it will be picked up for season 3.

Any other suggestions?
For comedy lovers i suggest
Ground floor season 1
Neighborhood 1& 2

Netflix will swoop in and save the day. Calm your nuts bros.

Paradise PD sn 2
Big mouth sn 3

Niko S2E8 ,show ni fire, Netflix ingilie kati.
You can check Wu Assassins too our boy Iko Uwais is doing his thing.

I like the show what am hopping for Tuone fight ya Buckley vs Ah Sham

Hii niliona last month nikamaliza. Iko Uwais pia si mchache. Look for a 2016 movie called Headshot, Iko Uwais choreography is on a different level.

Is this the actor who did raid and raid redemption
would pay to see a series of raid no talk just action

Do you mean Asahm na Leary, cause Buckley ni amputee mdomo mingi.

Ni yeye,


yeah that Irish guy Leary,

Cinemax wanakuanga maumbwa sana , series popular inanyongwa tu vi ujinga . sijawai recover vile waliuwa banshee

Warrior is the best series ever!!! The karate was amazing!!

I dont believe…

Iko in the final episode, episode 10

Hahah true the worst part ni wameacha ku produce original content let’s hope warrior itakua picked up by Hbo