Series of articles on why Promiscuity Hurts Both Men and Women

I like your argument in the article. However, one fact you missed is that the female sexual strategy is dualistic. ie alpha fucks beta bucks. when women are in their 20s and are most fertile, they instinctually seek out the alpha men who possess genetic fitness. but once they hit 28 and above, they subconsciously realize their looks are declining and can no longer attract alpha males. Bear in mind some have got kids from alphas who then dumped them. Thereafter, they start looking for the beta males who are more reliable for purposes of child raising. (see the single mother phenomenon. they are all looking for “God fearing” men). Nowonder when women reach 28 they suddenly change from party-girl to wife material.

I know women over 50 with very young very hot guys like akothe, alpha is money whoever has the money calls the shots you bcm the man . wen ur young it’s about luks wen u realise money run the world u dump ur gym instructor drop dead gorgeous guy n seek an old loaded guy to me this isn’t a beta bcz if u want money even men marry ugly women for money , it’s only tht wen women are young they don’t realise in society it’s money thats beta not looks.the one with the money will get what they want.women will not touch a broke God fearing man if they do they will be so frustrated tht they will cheat n leave.look at any r ship wea women earn more than men.

the other theory I have is that most people have low impulse ctrl wen young even men luv doing risky stuff but as people aged they’re more rational so they stop drinking, smoking… risky sex . I’ve seen men change alot after 30, even bcmore religious. They luvd hot gals n marry ugliness. They’ve bcm realistic tht ugly ducks make better wives especially if ur no tycoon, high maintenance will make u bRoke . this phenomenon goes both ways but to ladies more bcz of looks n men bcm wealthier with age making them more alpha. What I know is that even as a woman you can get a hot man if u have money. These ones who go to broke men do so they have no choice but others even leave to be third n second wives of wealthy men.Am talking of things I’ve seen.