SERIAL RAPIST-Collins Kimonge

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Sometime back a month or so during my daily forays on the internet i come across this article on Kenyan-post about a serial rapist in Kasarani going by the name of Collins Kimonge,well i dont give it much thought having learnt to take some of these stories with a pinch of salt.Fast forward to yesterday ( 8th.feb) we are in a restaurant in the heart of CBD doing an interview with a lady one of these self styled masseurs(read call girls)We have just ended the interview and i ask her to name just a few of the perils of their trade,she takes a deep breath and recounts to me an encounter with a so called client about 3 years ago.
She tells me one saturday evening she receives a call from a guys who wants a massage and offers a “token” of kshs 4,000/- the guys asks if the lady can make it to his house in Kasarani,she agrees and asks the fella to send fare.In no time she receives some kshs 200/- on her Mpesa from one Collins Kimonge.She is instructed on which stage she to alight,she starts her journey from Dandora phase 2 and within an hour she has arrived at Kasarani and as agreed Collins is there waiting.Together they talk a short walk to where he resides,he opens the gate and he lead her to the door of his bedsitter.No sooner has he locked the door behind him he instructs her to undress and climb on the bed.As they are making out he suddenly at the small sink fixed on the wall of his room grabs a knife and places it on the neck of the poor girl,all this time he is muttering some unintelligible words,he penetrates her does his thing for about 10minutes he then withdraws and starts pacing around the room threatening to kill the girl.All this time the girls is sobbing uncontrollably while silelntly saying the “hail Mary”(catholic prayer) she remembers just abour an hour ago she bid her 5year old daughter goodbye and promised her that she will be back before midnight then locked her up in the single room where they stay.
At this juncture i ask this lady to pause,my mind to piece where i have heard or read this story before,yes i remember i read this story on a kenyan blog called kenyan-post.I take my phone out type the url and the blog flashes on the screen,i got to the search icon type the words Serial rapist and VOILA! the article appears i scroll down to whre the alledged rapist’s photo has been displayed and i hand over my phone to the lady,she looks athe the photo and exclaims"this is the guy,Collins Kimonge,i will never forget this face".i ask her to continue with her story from where she had left;
“Collin picks up his phone calls some friends " I have this bitch here in the house i want you all to come and F%$# her” he then puts the phone on speaker the friends respond "Hold her there will come before daybreak ,we have just began clubbing,it is still early"By this time the girls is out of the bed and tries to dress Collins orders her back to bed,he penetrates her again and after sometime he finishes his business and orders her out of bed he instructs her to dress up and says he want to take her to the police station this sounds like the sweetest words she has heard since her ordeal began at the hands of this Psychotic tormentor.After she is dressed up they step out of the door and he escort her to the gate,he opens the gate and she steps out waiting for him to step out as well which he doesnt instead he locks himself behind the gate.The girls is left all alone in the middle of nowhere.It is all darkness and she just cant make which direction to go,she decides to walk a few blocks down the road where she find a night guard,she request the guard to call her a boda boda rider.After abot half an hour she is back to her humble abode in Dandora,she unlocks the door wakes up her daughter and hugs the little girls thanking heavens for having the second chance to see her daughter again.The daughter immeadietly notices there is something wrong with her mum she seeks an explanation which she never gets and maybe will never get,they silently hug and go to bed together. [ATTACH=full]286488[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]286488[/ATTACH]

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Collins Kimonge tumekuonea 18 roundii hii hutoboi ghaseer msenge wewe.

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So sikuizi its ok to meet a stranger online and go to his place on the first date… i am trying to empathetic but nashindwa.

It is done all the time,from the days of “chipo fungwa”

Acha feminazi waone hii…Kimonge atakuwa famous… We also have rapists hapa Ktalk Kama vile @uwesmake …raped a girl who had passed out pale club Bavon.

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Na interns, tea girls and cleaners we Equity.

That’s why prostitutes needs pimps. Ukifanyia malaya mwenye akona pimp protection utapatwa kwa nyumba uchapwe kama burukenge.

Just because ppl have bn doing it doesn’t necessarily mean its safe… it’s stupid.

The cold sweat that will drip down @Finest wine 's flat kikuyu buttocks this December when she invites the tall dark stranger to her cheap hotel room along Thika road. Her skinny knees will knock in fear and sheer terror upon the realization.

She thought that the young Kalenjin bulldog who resembles her beloved Ruto was going to tear her old pussy to pieces after many moons of starvation in London… only to hear him smile and say, “Yes sweetie earlier on you asked me for my real names, well, I am Collins… Collins Kimonge. Now lets take this party to the bedroom, shall we… hmmm?”

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