Serial cheat

Hi Benjamin…i have been married for 8 years now but i feel extremely exhausted…my husband loves my kids and they really love him but he is a serial cheat. He will apologize but will not leave the affair or will jump into the next available woman. I tried leaving once but my first born went into depression i agreed to go back but it’s eating me up slowly. I can no longer do basics like cleaning the house I’m always tired. I feel like am in a pit that i cant get out of. I tried relationships but usually its men way younger than me who approach me so i gave up…kindly advice

Children don’t understand the whole picture and so you cannot base your decisions on your first born or any other child. You just have to do the right thing for the long term. If you stay there and die of depression or diseases who will the children remain with? Remember it’s the erring partner who is causing the suffering to children, not you. So you should feel no guilt although the pain is unavoidable. But you should remind yourself that you’re doing the best in the circumstances by leaving and seeking a healthy life for yourself and the children. You just have to coparent and get psychological help for the child so they can process the transition. The children are losing something as well and it’s not an easy experience for them. But remember both you and them have no choice. The selfish partner has chosen to take their family through all this without caring about the trauma.

(©️ Benjamin Zulu Ke)