September 23rd ... the Autumn Equinox

Most people don’t know but there are 2 days every year which were considered special by ancient cultures. These days are March 21st and September 23rd. The venerated days of the equinoxes.
On these days, the sun and the Earth align in a very precise manner. On the day of the equinox the sun is directly overhead over the equator at noon. And the length of day and night are equal.
Various ancient monuments such as Stone Henge in the UK, Sacsayhuaman and Tihuanaco in Latin America, and even the monuments of ancient Egypt were build around the concept of the equinox. They were designed to signal the exact moment the sun was directly overhead in the sky. This was universally believed to be a time of great potential and energy, and was usually a time of prayer, fasting, elaborate rituals and even magic.


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