Separation / divorced

Any talker who has gone through divorce or separation and moved on well and still maintained a good relationship with kids? How was it? How were the kids affected? Navigating new relationships with baggage. Encourage a boy child. Have finally made a decision to move on from a kunguru after 6 Years full of turmoil have realised there is no future here and things might actually be ugly at this rate. As for taking care of kids and other material I have no issue. That one is sorted. Just want peace of mind

Cc @pamba

Nice decision

jikaze bro, marriage is not a bed of roses,if they grow up without the parents who gonna tell them this is wrong,‘born to suffer ,lucky dube’

I bet its not easy emotionally

@Umashi njoo hapa kidogo, wewe ndio una taka kuoa single mum

Leta hekaya hapa tuchanganue

Join an fb group called “ bunch of dads.” Then go through the posts, alot of guys are going through that shit not just you, and many more have overcome this. My advise to you? Do not stick in a toxic relationship, take care of your children from outside and you could actually get a life partner

Sorry brother. You must be going through hell. Just remember to provide for the kids ALWAYS

Acceptance is the first step,make sure use all the resources/ her weakness ubaki na watoto,akienda nao atawapoison vibaya wakuchukie.The law stipulates kids below eighteen years should stay with their mothers unless proven she is not morally upright.Start searching for another wild bird this time careful not to make another mistake,part 2 baadaye.

Some marriages afadhali muwachane kuliko kuchinjana.

Kids are ALWAYS the loosers. I hope your partner is not the psycho type to use them to “fix” you. Do the very best to father them even if it means using the parents in law.

Hekaya priss!!!

She is a actually the psycho type. That’s what taken long to make decision since not sure how the kids will cope with her. The first time she actually walked out first time around two years ago, came back after six months and agreed to forget and start afresh, only for things to go back to worse after a few months. Have realised am living with narcissist and things will just get worse

Has she moved out,if not pray atoke tena bora awache watoi ,andikisha report ya child neglect ,armed with the o.b no ,kimbia children’s department , kunguru atashikwa na utapewa custody ya watoto , leta fee yangu.

That disappearance thing was a red flag bro.Has she always been like that since day one?Or she changed.

Pole ndugu

This is exactly when you should have ended things. Any mbich that can stay that long without you doesn’t really care about your well being at all and why be with someone who won’t give you a shoulder to lean on? There is still time, get out but be the best father to your children.

Seems like you putting all the blame on her? Its ok initially if it helps you feel better… but before the final decision have a moment of reflection on what parts you contributed to failing the relationship.

Been there, it’s not easy