Seoth Efrikens killing foreigners again

Nigerians, Malawi and Somalis targeted.

Accused foreign migrants of local crime and go on attack, the government blames “criminal elements,” the public marches against xenophobia

South Africans accusing foreigners of bringing drugs and prostitution to their neighborhood torched the homes of African migrants.

Over the past week, residential buildings occupied by African immigrants in Pretoria have been attacked and looted by demonstrators, who accuse foreigners of taking local jobs.

Meanwhile the white Afrikaner enjoys unimaginable wealth from mining fortunes and vast farmlands and other corporations built in apartheid.

No wonder these niggers were ruled by a small minority up until a few years ago.




South african have every right to chase away people who install incompetent government in their countries and then they run to functional democracies.

South african should use gun to chase away those morons, especially somalis and Nigerians, and Kenyans to some extent.


Nothing in Africa as dangerous as black SAs.


You beat me to this post, been following events for the last two weeks, apparently Nigerians in Nigeria are also retaliating by attacking South African owned businesses


Pathetic situation over there man… the black south Africans need an outlet and since they’ve given up on getting theirs from the white south Africans, their fellow black Africans will have to be their outlet… for shame


@Nananimpa uko sawa wherever you are?

Soon to be headlines =Kenya in Post election violence again…
Unless we learn to live with each other of course.

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Maybe SA government will respond if MTN, Shoprite, Stanbic etc are attacked abroad. Unlikely to happen tho.

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Alafu even the ladies are looting. Yes it could be true that Nigerians are guilty for what they are being accused of especially drug trafficking and running prostitution rings but this kind of violence is unwarranted. [ATTACH=full]85540[/ATTACH]

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MTN head office in Abuja has already been vandalised

Bunch of pussies why didn’t they use the same energy to chase away the white folks


Are you worried about your zoomali kins getting bashed? Huko si somalia. Its a nywele ngumu country. Peleka huo ujinga wa al kebab SA mtakipata. Utajua isiZulu si nyanyako


You’re one one step removed from swinging in trees.


Thought @Nananimpa came eons ago and promptly disappeared. Where’s she, @Deorro ?

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Bingwa, kwani you no longer believe in “Kila mtu akule kwao?”

reminds me of pev in kisumu, dim eyes looting some supermarket.


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Stupid Looting soda…Soda??? Si Hata wange-loot bacon wakaongeze Maha…

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the kaffirs vs makwarakwara

hehehe they learned from the best.



Am not a fan of Black South Africans. Ungrateful house Negroes. Instead of concentrating on long term policies to better their lives, they are busy attacking, looting enterprises za wengine and killing. One was on FB ranting how South Africa continues to carry the burden of Africa. By hosting immigrants who leech on South African taxpayers. So I researched and found that South Africa is not even in the top 5 of African countries with the highest number of African immigrants and refugees.
* This is 7 years ago but trends have remained the same

Guess what, when apartheid was hot on their asses, their current Parliament speaker Baleka Mbete was a refugee in Kenya and she used to teach at UoN.

And I realized Black South Africans na Ujinga ni Kama
Chanda na pete.

As for Nigerians, they have this tendency to attract some weird activities around them. The most famous Nigerian who lived in Kenya so far is not the Nigerian ambassador to Kenya but the One and only “Anthony Chinedu