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My name is Stephen, and I created an SEO company that helps people to increase their sites in google rankings. I decided to create this company because I noticed that many of you don’t know how to increase the traffic to the site.

We provide link building services. What this means? I help you to increase the popularity of the site in GOOGLE Search Engine. We will provide the growth and distribution of site links on the Internet. We will format of the right opinion about the advertised product. In this case, will raise the reliability of the company product or service and will expand the target audience and coordination of new customers.

If you are interested in it, write me in pm and I will help you.

Put a demo or link to your portfolio here. You will get clients from here.

portofolio muhimu sana. where can we see what you have done?

SEO Haina portfolio it’s not design related,. But a series of continuous steps put in to increase raking… gone are the days you would.use meta tags on a website that would enable your website float to top results. Google did this bcuz they realized there was an opportunity for them to chashnin on web ranking.

I’d boil with rage if my SEO guy sent my site url, stats and everything we have done to make it rank to a so called potential client as his portfolio.

iko nayo. Screeshot ya rankings na ebsite umefanyia kazi


Hey, sorry for waiting. Thanks for your replies. In a short time, I will show you my site, where you can read more about my services. I need to make only some changes because I found some problems recently and it will be ready in some days.
I, also, wait for some reviews about it.
Thanks in advance.

We are new on the market, but with experience gained in another place. If you want we can make for you 2 free trials, to see how we work.

What are those 2 trials? Links or something?
You give links to sites with what range of DA? Are they Do Follow or No follow? PBNs?
Are they permanent links? What are your indexers? Indexing rate?

You have really shared very scanty info. SEO is a broad term. I will be interested in your services anyway.

I sent you a message in PM

“Increase their sites in google ranking”… consciousness negroid

“Increase their sites in google ranking”… conciseness negro

Is anybody interested?

Heeey, I would like to look at the site of the SEO company that you created! Do you have one? If you can, put the link here cause I think that I am not the only person that wants to look over it. I know how important is for a site to have some experts that work with it. I have a small business and a company website. From the start, I thought that it is very simple to work with a site and to increase its visitors. After some weeks, I understood that it is an impossible mission. So, I decided to [I]employ a professional company[/I] for this and now I am super satisfied with what they are doing with my website.

Now, bwana Stephen. Nione kando. hii sales pitch iko down. You definitely need better copy.

I may also need your service…wacha tuongelee huko nyuma ya tent!

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Nimefungua site mpya halafu nimeambia ChatGPT acheze kama yeye in terms of SEO. Hio sector ya kufanya SEO biashara itakufa tu.

kwani in insha ama poem unaandika?