Sentencing if Derrick Chauvin is found guilty 12 yrs minimum for murder charges and 10 years for manlaughter charge

All verdicts must be unanimous or the judge will declare a mistrial, which is the most likely scenario. Use of force Manual of Minnesota Police vindicates Chauvins actions and blood oxygen levels at 98% isn’t indicative of mechanical asphixia. Lunch recess, back in 30 minutes. The defense completes their closing arguments, the jury is sequestered until it reaches its verdict. The defense is very thorough it’ll be a tall getting unanimous votes for all counts especially the murder ones.

Each charge is voted on separately. And can have a different verdict. I dont know about use of force even when a man is non-responsive. But you are right, there’s a high chance of a mistrial.

He will be found guilty of 3rd degree murder charges. He will be found guilty of 2nd degree manslaughter. He will be found not-guilty of 2nd degree murder.

In simple explanation in the 2nd degree charge is felony murder. This is most commonly used in cases where someone commits a robbery and then hits a pedestrian speeding away. There was no felony committed.

The defense was showing the jury that the 3 policemen were clearly overwhelmed by Mr. Floyd due to his size and clearly agitated nature. He used the manual to explain that Mr Chauvin and his colleagues followed the protocol for dealing with a person resisting arrest.

The thing is that after the closing arguments on the defense side its to me near impossible to get a unanimous guilty verdict for anything but manslaughter. There’s alot of reasonable doubt for all charges but manslaughter. Either way he’d get 10 years which to me is satisfactory. Unfortunately the prosecution dwelt on feelings while the defense focused on facts in their closing arguments. Even the guy who did the closing arguments for the defense was so unemotional so that the facts could come through clearly. Remember that the strategy of any defense is to have jurors seated who would be sympathetic to their side especially in emotive cases like this. I think that if a miracle happens they will get unanimous not guilty verdicts for murder and guilty for manslaughter. Anything else will have a hang jury and the judge will have to declare a mistrial which will be to the defence good bcz some crucial carbon monoxide evidence they had was thrown out bcz it came in too late. The defense closing arguments are pretty compelling.

True except for one thing. And it’s the reason I say there’s a high chance for a mistrial. And that is the presence of a black juror ( jurors). They will make decisions based on emotions and public opinion of the video. They would rather hang the verdict than give a not-guilty verdict on the 2nd degree.

Not all black people support blacks. Check out the Officer Tatum, ABL and Canadace Owen even Prof Williams and Sowell. The documentary Uncle Tom refers. Internalized racism. As the good judge put it, it’s not upto Chauvin to prove his innocence, it’s the state to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt and I believe that defense legal counsels closing statement began with explaining the scope of reasonable doubt to the jury.

It took a long time to have jury seated so the defense had to pick especially blacks who would be more cerebral than emotional and not very race identified. I will Google the demographics of the jurors seated but because of the high stakes there is a need to resolve this case rather than going the mistrial way which will continue the highly charged environment in MN. So I see the jurors concede to 10year guilty verdict for manslaughter and not guilty on all murder charges bcz there’s reasonable doubt on the murder charges. This cops could not apprehend and subdue the suspect with out some maneuver.

Of course I know not all Blacks support blacks. I believe there’s 3 in the jury. All it takes is one. The

Over a $20 allegedly counterfeit bill. He should not have lost his life. Chauvin needs to be behind bars.

National Guard has already been deployed. Noma.

The issue is not the crime. It’s the men’s rea or malice a forethought that is missing. 3 police men were clearly unable to subdue one huge guy, if Chauvin intended to kill, he would have shot the guy or knelt on his neck at first opportunity but for a few minutes they tried everything as expected by the manual and after struggling with the guy as a last resort knelt on the guy’s neck.