Senior police officer assaults matatu operator for offering him ride

A senior police is under investigation for allegedly assaulted a matatu operator who offered to give him a ride.

Dennis Mungai, a manager of Namu Sacco in Kangari Town, Muranga Town, claimed that the senior officer assaulted him before pulling out his pistol and hit him on the face several times.

“I was picking passengers around the roundabout in Kangari Town when I asked the officer if I could give him a ride. He instead, asked what I was doing at the matatu terminus. I told him I was a matatu operator, soon after he started hitting,” Mungai narrated.

He said the officer injured his face, dislocated his jaws and broke his two teeth in the process of hitting him up.

The operator said that after assaulting him at the bus terminus, the officer took him to the police station and charged him for resisting arrest, not wearing a face mask and assaulting a police officer.

“At the police station, the officer told me he had a problem with me and another driver called Mulima,” he added.

Following the incident, Mungai’s colleagues reported the Independent Police Oversight Authority.

IPOA chairperson who confirmed the incident said that the they have deployed a team of officers to investigate the matter.

Matatu operators are as uncouth as the police if not worse. Low IQ monkeys who think operating a vehicle is the highest seat in the world.

Walikufanyia nini kaka? Walikutombea bibi?

I don’t like D-s but the driver was the first one to rattle the snake.


story does not add up. hao ni watu wawili walikosana juu ya dirty deals ama alitomba kunguru yake

‘He said the officer injured his face, dislocated his jaws and broke his two teeth in the process of hitting him up.’
Kazi ya editors huwa ya nini? Ati (in the process of hitting him up) as if he hitting him up was a surgical operation

Kwa ufupi alivaliwa…ama alionwa beating

Hasnt a matatu operator ruined your day wanting to steal 20 bob from passenger or you? Ama hujawahi panda matatu. or havent you seen matatu crew dumping people in the middle of nowhere when it gets late. these are not even isolated incidents its how they operate. They know most passengers cant afford to own vehicles and forget whatever they are driving is not even theirs. For the police i dont need to explain. they deserve each other.