Senior government official having trouble traveling

Who can this be?


Gold scam ya waarabu

Huyo ni Weta… Matiangi aliambia nyinyi mnaongozwa na watu ya washwash mkasema ni porojo…

PS: Which duties are this a speaker needs to discharge from abroad?

:D:D:Dreally??nice deduction:D

He was in Algeria juzi. Wangemshikia huko

But in this one ruto is gambling a lot, he might fly Emirates, then they take u turn to UAE, hapo ruto will be forced to give something to avoid the biggest sovereign embarrassment. what might also hAppen is UAE pressure arab league nations to arrest him

A govt of thieves, by thieves, for thieves. Sad.

Dressed like he was going to his local for two for the road.

Most of them, including Uhunye can’t travel to certain countries for various reasons. It’s so hilarious seeing them chest thumping on TV knowing mkiingia pale JFK kuna mtu anawekwa kwa kale ka holding office. :D:D

His biggest threat is his violent wife [ATTACH=full]497701[/ATTACH]

Ni mwizi ama?