Senile Guka Biden ganging up, inciting the West against Shaina


I support uncle Biden. Fuck shainese

Vita vya Kunguru furaha ya panzi.

Iran is the one in furaha zone after signing a 25 years 40 billion dollar deal with China. China is the sugar daddy and Africa will be stupid to not take advantage of the vita vya panzi. Africa ililalia maskio enzi za cold War. Africa sided with the west and received nothing in return

African regimes should prepare well for renewed interest in developing countries.


This is stupid reasoning by Biden. The world will be a better place if the G7 cooperated with China not ganging against China.


Ngai fafa :oops::oops:

Biden is bluffing, he is Chinese in the inside

This could be the source of contention with China, supporting ‘rogue’ regimes.

Wait, but according to @patco Biden and China are on the same team. MAGATS you need better co-ordination

With China projected to be the leading economy by 2030, the West has to be alarmed and that response is expected. The USA has lost its hegemonic power, thought it is still a major power, the end is nigh…Economic power allows one to build military power. China already has allies especially in the Pariah states, and China is internally cohesive (even if it is forced) unlike the US and other Western G7 nations that are suffering civil disobedience (like insurrection and BLM in the USA, religious extremism and terrorism, ageing population etc). China is the has all the factors of greatness lined up!

The Uyguyrs, Tibetians, Hong kongers would disagree.China’s looong history has shown that an uprising is always around the corner.A little funding from uncle sam to the right guys could go along way into bringing democracy to china.

And Biden can’t imagine their guts…
Going to space…
And doing it convincingly.

Japan kuna time walikuwa wamekalia China kama takataka, saa hiii China ikiamua hao wazee wa Japan wanaeza kufa wote. When the USA falls Japan and Israel will be the first casualties