SENILE Fossil Biden Promises Military Response If China Invades Taiwan. JUST EMPTY WORDS. USA CAN'T DO SH!T TO CHINA

TOKYO (Reuters) -U.S. President Joe Biden said on Monday he would be willing to use force to defend Taiwan, as part of a series of critical comments about China, but an aide said the remark represented no change in U.S. policy on the self-ruled island.

Biden’s comment, made during the his first visit to Japan since taking office, and as Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida looked on, appeared to be a departure from existing U.S. policy of so-called strategic ambiguity on Taiwan.

China considers the democratic island its territory, part of “one China”, and says it is the most sensitive and important issue in its ties with the United States.


When a reporter asked Biden if the United States would defend Taiwan if it were attacked, the president answered: “Yes.”

“That’s the commitment we made,” he said, during a joint news conference with the Japanese leader. “We agree with a one-China policy. We’ve signed on to it and all the intended agreements made from there. But the idea that, that it can be taken by force, just taken by force, is just not, is just not appropriate.”

He added that it was his expectation that such an event would not happen or be attempted.

Following Biden’s comments, a White House official said there were was no change in policy towards Taiwan.

The president’s national security aides shifted in their seats and tilted their heads, studying Biden closely as he responded to the question on Taiwan. Several looked down as he made what appeared to be an unambiguous commitment to Taiwan’s defence.

Biden made a similar comment about defending Taiwan in October. At that time, a White House spokesperson said Biden was not announcing any change in U.S. policy and one analyst referred to the comment as a “gaffe”.

The United States has long agreed that there is one China, including Taiwan, but it has adopted its “strategic ambiguity” on the question of whether it would get involved in military conflict over the island.

The remarks came as Biden made tough comments about China’s increasingly assertive posture in the region, saying he hoped Russian President Vladimir Putin would pay a price for his invasion of Ukraine in part to show China what it would face if it were to invade Taiwan.

The comments are likely to both infuriate Beijing and overshadow the centrepiece of Biden’s Japan visit, the launch of an Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, a broad plan providing an economic pillar for U.S. engagement with Asia.

His trip includes meetings with the leaders of Japan, India and Australia, in the “Quad” group of countries.


Japan’s Kishida emphasised Tokyo’s readiness to take a more robust defence posture, something the United States has long welcomed.

Kishida said that he told Biden that Japan would consider various options to boost its defence capabilities, including the ability to retaliate, signalling a potential shift in Japan’s defence policy.

That would include a “considerable increase” in its defence budget, Kishida said.

“A strong Japan, and a strong US-Japan alliance, is a force for good in the region,” Biden said at the news conference following their discussions.

Kishida said that he had gained support from Biden on Japan’s becoming a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council amid growing calls for reform of the council. China and Russia are permanent members.

Worries are growing in Asia about an increasingly assertive China, particularly in light of its close ties to Russia, and tension has risen over self-ruled Taiwan, which China considers a renegade province.

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America would love to have a war with China so that they can cancel their 1 trillion Chinese debt.

The cowardly h0mosexuals can’t dare gt into war with a nuclear capable enemy, their specialty is fvcking defenseless nations.

They will not fight each other directly, it will be a proxy war in Taiwan.

Modern wokeness in Western military. Watu kama hawa are expected to lead armies.

This is the best time for China to do this. Weak president, serious inflation in US, ready ally in Russia. And a lot of US companies have money stuck in China that they cannot repatriate

China has 300(barely functioning )nukes.
The United States has enough to nuke this planet and cause a mass extinction.
Secondly, The US has dared China to invade Taiwan.Remember in 1996 ,the US sent its warships through the Taiwan strait, what did China do?
Thirdly,the US has bases all around China.China has none close to the US. Those bases are not there for show

United Shogas of Amurica is overrated

Right now US can’t use nukes in war so ngoa hio. Kama Viet cong farmers uko Vietnam walisumbua USA plus South Vietnamese for several years unafikiria China a country of several billions ndio itatandikwa?
Mzee Biden is senile and weak so there is no way congress (democrats and republicans) will support him when he decides to start WW3.

Also, people forget the previous owners of Grindr were linked to the Chinese Government.

The United States has always had a large faction that has always wanted to end China.
And it is not a recent one, and while it is on both sides, Anti-China Republicans are a much larger faction.
Vietnam was not nuked because it is not a nuclear power. Also, for much of the Vietnam war, it was Democrats in power and those guys historically ,except for Obama, Roosevelt and Clinton have been too soft when it comes to war. Rest assured, had Nixon been president when the Cuban Missile Crisis had occurred, we would not be alive today.
People skip the part where one of the best Republican presidents the US has ever had, Eisenhower ,actually wanted to nuke Mao in 1953, and openly said so. And took several steps to prepare to level Beijing to the ground.
In fact, the threat of facing thousands of American nukes is what led to China withdrawing its volunteers from the Korean peninsula and the US winning the Korean war.
Even in the 1958 Taiwan Strait crisis, while Eisenhower did eventually choose to use conventional weapons, he still wanted to end the CCP using nukes. That pro-war-End-China-forever faction in the Republican party has endured to this day. Why do you think, when Trump came to power, is when all of a sudden China faced sanctions, tariffs and an attempt to decouple it from the US economy???
It is not like the Democrats under Obama did not know that China was violating trade rules, stealing US tech and trying to undermine US defense, but the moment the Republicans came to power, the anti-China faction went into full gear, backed by centrist Democrats who include many Obama allies who wished their President had done the same(which is why Trump sanctioning and tariffing China got ZERO opposition even from the likes of AOC and why the likes of Pelosi despite disliking Trump, backed him on that one).
No other nation is disliked in US Congress today the way China is.Russia even now has some supporters, but name even one Rep, or one Senator who supports Winnie The Pooh.
The only nation the US can never have a nuclear war with is Russia.By virtue of the fact that Russian nukes(unlike their conventional weapons) do work and far outnumber those the US has and some have more power than any US nuke, like the analogues of the Tsar Bomba.
China’s delivery systems are basically trash and have barely been updated since the 1950s. They know it, Russia knows it, the US knows it.Everyone knows it. It is why even when they threatened Vietnam with nuclear war during the China-Vietnam war, Vietnam was unfazed, and went on to give the Chinese a proper hiding.

The Koreans, Filipinos, Jews and to some extent,Colombians would strongly disagree, given that the US won the Korean war and has actively helped the Philippines and Colombians from ever having ultra-left wing rebels take power quite successfully and Israeli-US products like the Iron Dome are a testament that the US is not an overrated power.
The post-1945 war agreements stop them from going full force.
If the US was to decide one day to say “Fuck the Geneva Convention and its rules like that rule of warning civillians (and the fighters) that we are coming to bomb them”, they would win every war because they would go back to the Scorched Earth tactics of pre-1945, which btw, Europeans and Americans excel at. Look at how they managed to colonize almost everyone else before then, chemical weapons, and tactical nukes.

The US will not get into a war with China because they don’t have the money or the will, not with this economic climate anyway. It might have happened with Trump lakini saa hii Congress will never sanction it.

Right now US cannot even nuke a shit hole called North Korea let alone China. Saying Chinese nuclear bomb delivery is old is just pure western media propaganda.
When it comes to China and Russia you will never see division in US politics because US does not like other superpower countries that do not toe the line.
If Germany for example starts being independent like China, USA will do the samething.
In Vietnam USA still used chemical weapons.

Xi should start by freeing his own countrymen who are starving to death in Covid lockdowns. A nuclear war with the USA is way out of his league.

They cannot nuke North Korea because North Korea would immediately nuke South Korea which is literally next door, and Japan, both of which it has demonstrated that it can by landing duds in both nations in the past. As it is, the US is commited to guaranteeing the security of both, in exchange, Japan is required not to re-arm, while both agreed never to become nuclear powers.
Were the US not constrained by its post-1945 agreements, North Korea would have been invaded in 1994 when it announced it had made its first nuke in violation of the NPT.
It is also why Iran thinks it can get away with the same,only Iran does not border any US ally and the nearest true American ally(Israel) has enough nukes itself to end Iran as a nation without American help.(Which it would. The problem with tiny states like Israel is that they know their tiny army would never have the ability to occupy a nation like Iran so nukes would be one of the first options to use. They came close to doin so in 1973 when it seemed possible that Egypt could possibly reach Israel proper )
And yes, China’s nuclear delivery systems are crap. That is an issue the freaking Chinese admit, not just the West. While China has delivery systems that can reach the US with relative ease given that they are based on Soviet long range delivery systems, it lacks the numbers needed to overwhelm American defense systems. So far, only one country can do that and that is Russia. At the same time, China has a mediocre air defense system. Again, the only nations that have sophisticated systems were Russia and the US and even when it comes to both, the US is far ahead in that most of its cities are protected, while Russia concentrated its systems around two major cities that is Moscow and St. Petersburg.
As it is , the reason why China gets so angry with Taiwan having so much American hardware is because they realize that even if they can overwhelm Taiwan, Taiwan would go down after flattening most of Fujian province because it very much can bomb many of the cities just across the Taiwan Strait which are unprotected.

The freaking country that printed 2 trillion dollars in under a year does not have the money??? People forget that the US is the only nation that can print its own currency at will, then control inflation by shipping the currency out of its economy. It does not and has never had to peg its currency to the amount of reserves it has. Unlike literally everyone else
You do realize nothing cuts down inflation more rapidly than a war right???Because wars funnel money out of the system and in the case of the US, allows their currency to circulate globally, enhancing the power of the dollar while pushing the excess funds to other nations reserves, thus increasing its hold over the global economy. The only war that has ever caused inflation for Americans was the domestic one (the US civil war).
Also Republicans are sure to become a majority in the HOR come November(but if Roe vs. Wade is repealed, they have basically lost the Senate). They most certainly can.
Again, most Democrats sided with Trump when he went on a Trade War path. Even Biden has been just as Trumpian on China. Again, you will find more fans of Russia in American political circles than China.

Key word “nuclear bomb” this is the deterrent that is stopping war mongering USA form bombing shithole called North Korea.

USA would have easily invaded Iran a longtime ago because it has oil, US would have used Saudi Arabia its ally and enemy of Iran as a military base. But its suspected Iran has a deterrent called Nuclear bomb.

What is actually stopping Israel from attacking Iran is US.( ).
Israel has never had any intentions of occupying Egypt or Iran. They fought these countries in self defense. The Arabs wanted to exterminate the Jewish state from middle east. What is still stopping them from invading Israel is the kichapo walipata in the 70s.

The Chinese have stated they want to increase more nuclear war heads ( China Military Power Report Details Advances, Goals in 2020 > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News ) they are not saying their military hardware is outdated.