as it currently stand, why is it that japan is higher than senegal on the grouo table?


Poland will do the donkey work for us, japan are not that good

Ngoja nikaangalie first half nione upepo unaelekea wapi

fwaaack this biased comentator agaaain. ama kuna vodoo ako nayo…wadau mkaze kabsa

Rooting for our brothers though I know they have an uphill battle


Fuck that Colombian nigga

They want to kill ng’ombe Falcow?

Niko nyuma ya Senegal

Yes penalty

Ze bets are burning

VAR shows contact with the ball first


Jesus christ, can this ever be more biased?

Fuck this VAR

Clear penalty denied. Hii ucoloni world cup si yetu. By now they want us home.

I have noticed the clips the show the ref is very important. The first two weren’t clear enough. After he reverses the decision a very clear replay from the goals view shows contact first but its too late.

Where are the people who were against VAR?
Colombia would’ve potentially gone behind unfairly.
Let them lose/win the right way.

Ziko sawa.Jaribu hii