Senators and Sheep

If arrested say its Kyrgitt who wrote it.

I think Kenyans are taken through circuses cos the ones in power believe we are sheep. But we are.

The senate impeached Waititu. It assuages the people of Kiambu and we clap believing we are finally dealing with corruption. How? The same senators are the next roll of governors.

They are going to watch their backs while playing to the gallery.

The window of 7 days had lapsed and they called the session on the 8th. Out of the window required by the constitution. They declined to allow Waititu to present evidence, thereby ‘creating a safe passage’ to appeal through courts.

Now the money Waititu has will be better spent in the courts, its a cheaper investment. What does he have as armour?

Procedural deficiency of the entire process.

I predict that the court will overturn the impeachment due to the procedural anomalies and save his ass. The sitting sat outside the constitutional timelines.

I like being wrong. I hope I am. But I hardly am.

if I were you…or a Ruto supporter, I would try not to be seen supporting any governor or senator caught up in corruption. They are all corrupt…its true…not unless kama umepewa tender

Senators will not set a precedent which will haunt them later. They created a loophole to help Waititu

Sani YT2 is the kind of leadership we don’t want. That is not to say the others are clean because AG Ouko only gave 2 governors i.e. Kimemia and Kibwana, a clean bill of health.
It is true that being an ally to Ruto accelerated his removal as Uhuru tries to force Kikuyus to follow him to ahera but YT2 was caught doing unethical things. He just had to go. He formed companies and awarded those companies multi million tenders. How can you defend that?!

Am not defending. Am saying senators defended him. They created a loophole in what they did, which YT2 can exploit in a court of law to unhook himself. Senators are playing kenyans. They are not honest.


Neither are you