senator njoroge

who made him kikuyus spokesman?

Kulipwa ndio aharibu WSR kichwa. Welcome to dirty politics…


who is senator njoroge?


Who will tell us now? Suddenly he is somebody!


Truth be told, Ruto amemea pembe, we said here that by next elections he will lay low like an envelope. I’m NOT Gema but if Uhuru gets another running mate, I will Vote for him. That is the Mood on the ground.

he is a co*d nominated senyetor

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Never heard of this senator called Njoroge

[SIZE=6]He will be trending…

[SIZE=4]If you visit Maraigushu in Naivasha over the weekend, you are likely to find Senator Paul Njoroge in his farm.

He likes visiting the farm every weekend to check the progress of his young “unique” crop on one-and-a-half acres.

Njoroge grows muguuka, a stimulant like miraa and belongs to the larger khat family.

He is the only farmer in Naivasha, and perhaps the entire Nakuru County who farms the crop. It is mainly grown in Embu and Meru.

His choice of crop that he started seven months ago has seen purists raise queries since muguuka is a stimulant.

“There is life beyond politics. It’s always good to have an exit plan once you hold public life. This is my exit plan.”

But that is not the main reason he grows the crop. The Senator saw an opportunity and ventured into it.

“Many people in this region grow maize, beans, tomatoes and keep cows and goats. I did not want to go that route because I knew I would not find a market. Besides, this is a semi-arid area, the crops cannot do very well here.”

He started by digging a dam costing Sh750,000 to harvest rainwater. He then obtained seedlings from Embu.

“I bought 3,000 of them at a cost of Sh80 each. I employed people to plant the crops,” says the senator, who expects his first harvest in February, next year.


The crops are doing well and the senator expects a bumper harvest.

“I expect to get between Sh80,000 and Sh120,000 per harvest from the sale of muguuka, and this can be weekly. I have invited agricultural experts to assess my farm and they have given me positive reviews. Given that so far I am enjoying a monopoly in growing the plant, the returns would be high,” says the first time nominated senator.

The politician says there are traders who have approached him to buy the crop.

“I am assured of a market. So far at least five people have approached me saying I should reserve the harvest for them. Some were willing to part with their cash because muguuka is widely consumed in Naivasha yet they get it from Meru.”

Senator Njoroge is looking for more land to expand his farm.

Muguuka is a leafy miraa-like stimulant. It is consumed with chewing gum or groundnuts to reduce bitterness.

The difference is that its the twigs of miraa that are chewed, while with muguuka, one chews the leaves.

With his muguuka plants doing well, Njoroge is thinking of growing miraa in Naivasha.

“There is a steady market for miraa locally. We do not have to look for the market in the West.”

He has employed several youths on the farm. “They take care of the crops regularly but I hire more during weeding or pruning,” he says.

The senator encourages young people to take up any kind of farming.[SIZE=6]"[/SIZE][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][SIZE=6]C&P: Business Daily[/SIZE][/SIZE]

Isn’t every man supposed to have an opinion? Na kusema ukweli, the presidency is not a birthright, lazima mtu atafute kura. There are no guarantees in politics.


but the idiot should speak for himself and by the way he is nominated cheith


Can someone confirm if indeed he an odm nominated sentor aki ngai uyu ni wale maghost worker WA Kanjo where the fuck has he bn for the last 4yrs…

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Quick question,what was he talking about to warrant journalists to come and interview him ama alikua ameboeka and he decided to call a press conference kusema iyo upuss

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Danganya toto jinga…ati mood on the ground

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i heard some MCAs in Siaya faked disability to get tax exemption…

he is a tna nominee for the disabled

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Huyu senator is bloody nominated yaani mheshimiwa bila eneo wakilishi. Kumbaff.



A senetor ? I only know a gospel musician by name Paul Njoroge

can you imagine of all crops a “leader” decides to grow muguka as his prized cash crop? SMH…

ati uncle william is blackmailing kikuyus,for me it is one good turn deserves another