Senator Mutula Kilonzo Amwaga Unga


This is what I’ve been saying the whole time. Raila anachezwa. Ruto na Uhuru wako kimoja.

Tulisema kama anachezwa aendelee kuchezwa kabisa kwasababu maendeleo imeonekana Kisumu and several luos have been appointed. mewanwhile hiyo kuchezwa imefanya Aror dam haijajengwa. wakale kadhaa wametolewa kwa positions in the gafment. Raila chezwa kabisa!!!

Ongea kuhusu maendeleo lakini usiseme “several luos have been appointed”. You don’t benefit from their appointment AT ALL. Those appointed Luos will be buying mansions in Runda and marrying yellow yellow Kikuyus very soon, they don’t know you exist, and will never care. They represent their stomachs. As a mwananchi, the only thing that should impress you ni maendeleo kwa ground.

Too complex for our prince. Muthamaki just wanted to extend his rule through betrayal, but kyuks refused to play ball. So he is having to look for alternative means as going back to those he betrayed would be too humiliating even for a politician

I’ve a very strong feeling that Kalonzo will join Ruto at the last minute, if RAO will be the flag bearer of their negotiations , just to spoil for Rao.

Kalonzo for president.

Maybe in pluto

Alignments kwanza

very probable.