Senator Kembi Gitura Also A CORD Mole

Murang’a Senator Kembi Gitura has differed with the local leadership over the Sh6.8 billion Northern Collector Water Tunnel, calling for its immediate suspension.

In what is likely to create a wedge between him and the rest of the politicians who have dismissed concerns raised by Opposition Chief Raila Odinga, Gitura said the project was dangerous to the environment.

Where was he all this time?

…siongezi kitu!

Wacha nisaidie …maybe humpin some big ass momos



If Mwangi wa iria is for the project, the Kembi must oppose it …even Jamlik Kamau will oppose it. RAO n’t withstanding

One thing i can predict with 100 % accuracy. At some point in the future ( post Uhuru Kenyatta dictatorship ) , the residents of Muranga will rise against this project and sabotage it.

But majority of Murang’ans are in Nairobi

Kembi is the only senator who is always approaching issues with a sober mind. Giving your opinion even if it goes against your tribesmen does not make you a mole

One friend casually mentioned - and some mzee also said the same thing on telly - that the Jubilee govt is always making noise about the projects it is initiating, even if it is a simple public toilet or tap (Mutua akiwa na prezo pale Kathiani wakifungua tap na Machakos wakifungua choo comes to mind)…

Sasa a project of this magnitude has never been published, and to quote a talker, “hajawai ona the usual uploader of pics akiweka”… Do the math.

Maybe juu pesa Ni ya World Bank sio yetu

Niko Gaichanjiru na watu hawana shida na huu mradi 100%

SGR iko fully funded na Uchina lakini hatupumui. The jury is still out there, sir.

Fully? Its a loan. Not grant

Of course. I meant to say funds are being sourced from China.

I checked out the news article and a couple of things stood out, although baba claims that it’s the environmental impact he’s worried about, Kembi’s main concern seems to be “the social impact”
“stakeholders are still waiting for report by technocrats on social impact of the project.”
However, towards the end of the article you get a glimpse of what kembi’s biggest gripe with the project is
“We also want to draw a memorandum of understanding between the county of Murang’a and the Athi water board on how we should share the revenue raised from the water sourced from the county.”
Kumbe, It’s all about the money!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Kembi hopes to be governor and does not intend to be a broke one, he wants to arm twist the government into sharing the revenue and then use it as a campaign platform. :D:D
However, he needs to remember that:

  1. If muranga wants to share in revenue, then it should also share in the cost of developing the project.
  2. If he is perceived to oppose Kamwana, then he can forget being governor

…in all this county47 chief amekimya tu, wala/wameza nyama, shiny/dim eyed ‘orungutan’ wa nairobi maji watatolewa wapi?