Senator Kangata: Uhuru is too young to retire

Mount Kenya MPs converge in Naivasha. MPs unhappy with development projects, say region neglected under Uhuru

Senator Kangata also added Uhuru is too young to retire

Lootoh for piresident…

what was previous handle? speculators are welcome to unravel this.

We have to get used to the idea that 10 years in power is enough time. President Uhuru please plan to leave after 2022.
And if you see anybody promoting this idea in Facebook or Twitter kindly tell them it’s a bad idea.

I see it a Prime Minister office they are forcing… Lakini nashangaa na wasapere na Jomo family? This is beyond worship now

In the meeting also Amos Kimunya said. Central Kenya produces 60% of the GDP and only receives 20% of development!

nimecheki Mt kenya mps wanasema team Kumira kumira has been neglected yet they gave close to 70% votes. pale nimecheki kimunya, moses kuria, mbarire.

If u are still young in Kenya and have no kids please jaribu vile unaeza uhame hio nchi before 2022. Cheza green card, jaribu uende middle East, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand… Wharever…just get out of there. I foresee a very very tough life ahead especially for the youth.

Maumbwa hao uhunye should go drying. Asifikirie referendum ni ya kumrudisha akiwa PM. The drunkard was our own biggest mistake. Cendro tumefunguka macho. Now their are speaking on the behalf of okuyu.
Kwani zile elfu kumi walikuwa wanakulia Kwa choo ziliisha.

he admitted he failed SMEs juzi but still he is needed again… Kenya ni kujitoa

pia mutahi ngunyi kwa ile analysis yake ya fifth estate amesema 2022 R.A.O na uhuru watakua same team… mutahi ngunyi hakoseangi

First it was Aladwa and now its Kangata…its gathering steam. The Too Young To Be A Retired President train

Some.spec of truth in that statement,but they love Kamwana too much to ask him why there is so much disparity in distribution

Naona ile game itachezwa hapa ni kwamba; in exchange for a reduction in counties, Kenyans will have to accept a new PM position.

They love so much to ask this??? Hii inaitwa uchawi

Mijinga haziongeagi kushutumu Rais…Kila mmoja akiongea lazima aseme “Mugaathe President Uhuru Muigai wa Kenyatta,mutongoria twendete…”
Do you expect such a person to criticize him.Ni ule jamaa wa Nyeri hupiga kelele pekee na wengine wote wa Central hujitenga na yeye


I’m close to saying Kangata and Uhuru can go thisha each other so I had better stop this comment here.

Fcuk Uhuru!!! Vulali vakin!!

Kenya tuna Kasoro