Seminars to US

For those who keep on searching for ways to land in the “Land of the Braves”. Try this

@Weyn , @Swansea , @uwesmake @Sura Ngumu @MajorProphet @Tauren here is opportunity to sell your buttocks in dollars

Thank you but march is here with us already, how do i get information about these kind of opportunities?

My fren sikuizi Embassy iko rada. Hawapeani visas kwa stupid conferences. Also they made it mandatory that the organization that is holding the conference, must submit all the people who are attending the conference from say Kenya and also make sure that all those people wamerudi after the conference is done. If say hata mtu mmoja hajarudi, they blacklist your organization in that ukifika huko kwa Embassy kuulizia visa using the blacklisted organization, unakuwa denied automatically. So unless unaenda to big big conference like Google/Microsoft, hiyo route ilifungwa. Btw countries like Canada routinely reject even regional managers, celebrities and big shots. Wao sio kama US yenye inafanya chini ya maji

An entry and exit stamp on a passport, proof that you have been in the US and followed the Visa rules is a plus in future visa application. If one gets a chance to go for these conferences, s/he should take it. It’ll be a plus when applying for a visa in future

There is no exit stamp in the US…