Sema Miti Yote Kuteleza

  1. Tinga started handshake so that he could displace Dp Ruto and have a chance in 2022 - It did not work as he wanted
  2. He pushed the handshake into being a constitution changing movement through bbi so that he could be boosted by a referendum - The court stopped reggae and everything went haywire
  3. He has now started efforts to revive the now defunct NASA hoping to marshal the tribal kingpins to again support his bid - mudavadi ameruka hio story. Let’s see if kalonzo will be tricked for a third time to support tinga (hapa labda ata yeye akue wazimu

It’s becoming interesting…

Where’s Mudavadi heading ? Joho in behind RAO, Oparanya is in and Ngilu requested Kalonzo to work with RAO.
If Mt. Kenya west leaders fail to accommodate Mururi, then, Embu , Meru and Mbele will form a block, which most probably will vote for RAO .
To win the Presidency, Ruto need the whole of Mt. Kenya region to vote for him

stop hallucinating. tinga will never get anything from Mt. Kenya, whether east or west

At least si ata uende utombe uwache Mchungu ya siasa? Tinga achieved what he wanted, some form of economic development in the lake region.

he could have done that when he was pm, hio unasema inaitwa pr

But Raila is filthy rich. Even if he loses spectacularly, his grandchildren will never have to work a day in their lives thanks to your stolen taxes. Same goes for Uhuru and Ruto and Mudavadi and all the KANU orphans. Wewe ukigonjeka leo your entire family will be reduced to beggars for generations. If only people like you devoted as much energy towards governance and policies as they did towards “punishing” others or “sending them home”. Kenya would be very far. Unfortunately most voters are like you. Happy to live in a failed state so long as that guy from that place is not “in government”.

tired line. what is he doing fighting for political posts if he is as satisfied as you say?Ati I should devote myself to policies? As who? are you listening to yourself?

I said Raila is rich not satisfied. Read to understand not just to respond.

Well and good, let Tinga get nothing from the region. What if the divide between the west and east persists, what does that do to Ruto ? , keep in mind WSR need Mt. Kenya to vote for him as a block.

it’s the same thing. he could not be fighting for positions and taking bribes to cleanse people if he is as rich as you say

The divide will not make any difference in terms of presidential vote. There will be different factions but the votes for the top seat willgo to one man. case scenario 2013. kiraitu and the entire region had a party called BUS. Whom did they vote? your guess is as good as mine

I stand to be corrected on this, there is a good % of people in Mt. Kenya region, presented with the choice of RAO and WSR as candidates, with skip to vote the Presidential vote.
This further reduces the number of WSR in the region.

That will be compensated by the coastal votes. WSR has made serious inroads in that region. For your information, the coastal people did not give uhuru many votes because he is simply a kikuyu. there is a lot of propaganda in that area against shiny eyes. However, they will not have a problem with voting in DP Ruto

Oparanya is more into DP camp. Tinga’s health has been badly battered. He cant campaign. AS Ruto is campaigning, a bunch of fools are waiting for Uhuru to endorse them. Tinga included.

This nigga doesn’t how to take a hint…

Alichezewa karata na Gatheca sasa anapata akili after NASA imecollapse


bora Ruto or another shiny eye asikuwe president… the rest we can handle.

kwanza wacha Ruto achague a shiny eye as running mate, who will most likely be a guy from Nyeri or Kiambu… this side East of Mt Kenya votes will not be guaranteed… that is the major trick

Kalooser the watermelon kameleon is very easy and will be inboxed by rat yet again and they’ll still fail even bigger

Alignments still going on