Sema Kuchezwa kama mpira

Maze this chik i was with in a relationship has gone and kissed some nigerian looking mofo from st. Lucia. Imeniuma but its okay. Kisha she has the fucking audacity to tell me that i’m her 1st love and that she loves me. Karibu kucheka.

To make it worse is that i courted her for a year before kissing or anything, this clown gets her in 4 days of meeting her. Wacha nijicheke.

Hata sikukasirika, sikumwita majina, nilinyamaza tu na kutulia kama maji mtungini. Nimeumia, but safari bado ni moja ndefu sana.

I don’t need advice, am just venting. Meffi nyinyi!

join lessons huko kwa kibe usaidike

I’m hurt but i’m not looking to be bitter forever kama yeye.

While you were busy courting her for one year…she was busy attending orgies with ogas…who is the meffi now?

Why would you court a hoe for a whole year?? Are you retarded or something…

The grace period ya kupewa kuma ni three months, anything beyond that is not dating.

@kanguthu the tired donkey dishes it out within first hour of showing interest

Three months ni mingi hata. One month is enough. If a biach likes you anafaa agawe within 30 days of you hitting on her. Ikipita hapo the wont be worth the hustle. You should just move on after that kama haijahappen.


Wazee go slow, i see your pov’s

Meffi wewe, hizi ni nini unatuambia

Ogas huwaga na superstrain STDs… Don’t let that female near you.

You guys still court/date? Okay what are the benefits?

First date first rape

Sio kila mtu hutombwa matako kama wewe. We love women

Ungemlipa tu day 1.

The problem is that the Nigerian looking guy has a larger penis than you

St lucia ile ya Jamaica?.. I was once in a set up full of those rugged rasta men and all women were falling for them… Sijui ni kwa nini

30 days ni mingi one week inafaa akuwe amekupa slices kwani iko nini