Sellout. Betrayer of Brethren




Look at this beta male crying HEHE

Beta male na alitomba bibi ya governor Mutua? Wanaume wanamfuata fuata kila mahali, wife wake ananyenyekea vilivyo, unlike Raila whose kids were educated by the wife, unlike Uhuru who is controlled by his mother, mungwana wacha alpha male aitwe alpha male, Kituyi is a traitor, mlambilambi wa matako ya wazungu

I don’t like kituyi but dude had to run to Norway in 1982 to save his life…and that’s how he met ling…had he not taken off moi would have castrated him same way he castrated others…these guys paid the ultimate price, unlike so many kanu orphans that we know[ATTACH=full]277551[/ATTACH]

Anybody who knows about those men who marry outside their community know that the first thing to be discarded are the customs of the father. I wouldn’t be surprised that Kituyi’s kids know nothing about the Luhya customs. Some men are okay with that.

The dark days of the Nyayo Error…and some ignorant folks are pining for those days

stop such generalisations…my wife ain’t Kenyan yet my kids speak perfect luhyia, my son knows he is the one to eat imondo when am not around and he will undergo the cut according to my culture. I have never interacted with kituyi’s kids but those who have say the boys are okay…the one who died a few years ago seem to have been a great young man

I’m talking from observations and confessions of people who married outside their community. Yours could be an exception but my point is still valid

you know the kids whom you claim know something about culture are those kids we see twerking on 10 over 10…you guys must be very proud parents…you have done a better job raising them than kituyi

Your argument is not even logical. A person can know their culture and still twerk. I know my culture and customs very well and still can speak and write better English than most native born speakers.
Frame your argument better

Do such customs put food on your plate? Or help you become a better man? How about customs of the human race, as a whole?

Btw even if you get a pHD in English, your expression in so will never match that of an average native born speaker of the language.

My point was customs get lost when people marry outside their community. Mambo ya chakula sijui imekujia wapi.

That’s not true.

Kamwana haliangi ovyo ovyo wewe. Pombe anakunywa nyingi lakini.

How brainwashed are you?

ok let me try and frame it for you…when a large group adopts a certain behaviour or value then a shift in culture is experienced in that particular group…twerking is now very common…this has helped shift dancing the way we knew it in a traditional way to different and popular way embraced by kids all over the world…the term “popular culture” comes to mind…
again the language of choice has changed to mostly English or sheng, music is now “trap” or " crank" and dance style is now " twerk" or odi …in short the youth are developing own culture, which is either " modern" or " popular" and cuts across regions and continents…it has become primary and your traditional one becomes secondary…so kituyi’s children, who supposedly haven’t followed their father’s culture, have a lot in common with your own children than your children do with you.
Don’t forget that culture encompasses manners, mind-set, rituals, laws, ideas, language and values…so @Yunomi, your son has a primary culture which is definitely different from yours. Your primary culture is his secondary culture…your son dresses like kituyi’s son and eats what kituyi’s son eats…he listens to the music that kituyi’s son listens to while you and me listen to either old skul rap or rhumba…what they have learnt from us is very little…probably just language and a trickling of everything else…so whether you marry from your tribe or not it won’t really matter to these kids…they have their own culture as primary and yours as a parent comes a distant second.

Why is Mukhisa Kituyi being labelled a sell out/betrayer as per this thread title?

Not much. But have lived amongst native Englishmen. So I know what I am talking about. It’s just how the brain works. No way a mzungu will learn Kiswahili in a book then outdo a coasterian.

You are a very funny guy…let me bring you closer home…Compare the performance of Coast region with other regions in swahili in KCPE and KCSE for the past 10years and you will remove your foot from your mouth.