Selling Netflix ,Nord, psn accounts

Selling accounts at a fee
Netflix- 2000

Hio ni netflix account gani inauzwa … ni lifetime subscription ama?

Psn accounts ziko na games gani

Yes lifetime unlimited uhd

Nord nataka but that price is almost 4 times the market price

This is the wrong place for mwosho mmoja shenanigans. Jaribu sehemu pengine kama mkz or your local muguka den.

Nord kujia logins na 200

Hii Netflix ni forever without ever paying again?

Yeah, lifetime account

Upus! Tafuta watu wengine kutapeli. There is NO lifetime Netflix account that you don’t need to pay subscription again.

In your world no. In mine, yes

last i checked Netflix premium ni $16

There is nothing like a lifetime Netflix account.
You can only claim to provide a lifetime warranty.
So that when the real owner of the hacked account stops paying or changes passwords, you replace it with another.
Hii mambo ya reddit bay umeanza kuleta Ktalk.

For real?

Elder bana, usijichomee ivi. Netflix hawana lifetime subscriptions. He/she is just hoping the account owner atalipia milele. Akisota you’re ferked

Thats why I asked, juu najua vizuri sana

Hehe mujamaa apo nmekuelewa … hehehe


Ongea vizuri nikupe nord ya hadi 2022

How much

Mia mbiri