Selling a WordPress site + Adsense account with $15.74 huko ndani

Hapa niko na website that is up for sale iko already integrated na Adsense na account iko na $15 ndani.


Nauza the domain, hosting na adsense account pia ikiwa na hio pesa huko ndani bado.
Site iko na potential.High CPC


Its a WordPress site na iko intergrated na Yoast SEO.

Bei ni 7k. Kama unaweza fika bei fika inbox, kama unajua mahali naweza pata customers pia nichapie.

Domain name?

What is the name of the site. Hizo screenshot hazina maana if you dont post the domain name

Ningebuy if not the awkward domain name plus sijaona traffic details
Anyway good luck

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What do you use that site titled Trillo for?The first tab?


Ni a side project

Information provided is irrelevant.
-What is the SEO value of the site.
-How many keywords are you ranking and what is their position on serps?
-What kind of SEO methods (that is kama unafanya SEO) are you using. Blackhat whitehat?
-What’s the daily number of visitors ? Source of traffic?

Bila this information, you are selling a domain with hosting at 7k.

Ukitaka kujua saidi unazama DM

Just a side long did it take you to make $10 after you started AdSense?

Its evident that everyone wants to see analytics of the posted site.Provide them and you may seal a deal.