Selling a website

Hello, i have a friend who is selling an already established website. Its a crowdfunding website called moneychap
link is

I buy websites. How much.

He’s selling at $400

Jokes galore

Hehee… That website has no organic traffic so it’s not making any money… It also has no backlinks so has no backlink juice value… Ammh I’ll pass…

People buy companies or businesses that own the websites not just a website. Meaning…how much revenue has the website made in the last 12 months? How many visitors per month on average? What is the growth in number of visits per month? how many returning customers per month? Do you have any patents or trademarks?

Otherwise it will take someone maximum 2 days and maximum of $150 or less to rebuild that website.

It is possible to buy just the website…

shemale endelea tu kuuza mkia ii huwezani

For $400, one can easily replicate the website at a cheaper price. If she is selling the domain she should be specific and say she is selling the domain name. You can find a much better looking and ready to go template easily on themeforest. If she is selling the business that owns the website, she can charge more if she can prove it has traction. Traction = the website has x number of visits pe rmonth on average, the website makes x amount per year, the business already has a partnership with companies y and z. A simple website can be copied and replicated easily.

Hey I’m not talking about her website, I’m talking generally. It is possible to buy a domain name or complete website regardless of the organization… if Safaricom decides to sell its website today you can buy just the website not Safaricom, the company… National laws don’t affect website sales unless there was an impending case in court regarding the ownership or rights of a website… A website and a company are two different entities…

Regarding her website, it’s not even worth $10 because it has no monetization value whatsoever… You won’t make any money with it in 100 years… There’s already too much competition…

Si ununue uuze kinyambis hapo

how much does it make per year?

Niko na Ksh 200

Save it for a cold beer. Anything being sold by @Violete ni myambo ya punda. Stinks to high heaven