Selfie stick

How do these gadgets operate? Just wondering.[ATTACH=full]46448[/ATTACH]


They use Bluetooth


easy find one and just try … Hata in shops kujaribu ni bure

All of you people are gay. Kwani hamuoni vile Thighland is a great place

This is the worst invention to ever hit the markets…unapata mtu kwa hoteli pekee yake akijipiga selfie na hii kijiti hadi unafeel pity…nobody gives a fuck about your face…kupiga selfie kaa kumi per day ni kama unabadilisha sura…chieth…:D:D:D:D:D

I hate how people do things just for the sole purpose of showing off,mostly online,taking selfies about everything. Its like,it doesnt count unless others get to know about it online. People attend events,not so that they can have a nice time,but to go take photos to show others they went.

I take you out halafu uanze picha za ufala I walk out.
Kwanza kwangu no phones are allowed at the dinner table. If there is a family funday my kids wanajua that camera person ni mmoja the rest enjoy the scenery.

picture or it never happened are the ones responsible for this things. But what i hate is ladies taking a photo while facing away from the camera

Ni vanity.

MAKO MAKO MAKO…wish I was holding where that sit-belt holds.wueeh!

wacha niingie

hizo viti zimevalishwa chupi ?

No idea but I would really love to work my stick on that mamacita

I think ni Bra

Fuck the selfie stick, those thighs make me feel like I am in Thailand