Apparently a couple of my friends were forming a selfhelp group or a chama but ni formal.
So unluckily and unwillingly i was elected as Secretary.
I thought kazi ni minutes tu kwa meetings,kumbe there’s so much work e.g constitution,certificate of registration,Authorisation
So i was just asking on tips on best banks za kuweka mullah for our chama especially on the borrowing loans and interest rates part

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Imperial Bank.


Only banks in Tier 1 or 2 safety please

Home bank

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Bank of Africa. My cams is there and so far so good

Bank of Baroda

Wanakulipa kama secretary ama wewe ndio punda wao?

What is there kwa muhindi? Benefits?

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Most treasurers insist on banking on their personal bank accounts halafu ununue V8

Muhindi banks are easy on giving loans! Cheki Imperial Bank na unapotea.

There’s also an android chama app, but nimeisahau jina.

You could try for now.


Constitution sio yako peke yako, hiyo ni kila mtu achangie.


Co-operative bank is the bank for Societies and groups, Having worked with them for over 10 years and can tell you with authority.

MUKURIMA SACCO:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Ktalk sacco

Mbirrionaires sacco. Hapo pesa yako haiwezi potea

avoid saccos by all means