Self employed guys, is it really worthy it?

A term in primo felt like ten years man! Time took it’s time to move. Unless ulikua one of those rich fuckers that we envied and loathed in equal measure, by 2nd week pocke ilikua imekatika, sahiyo ni kunywa uji bila shuge na kuombelea bite za mkate, kukimbilia addition ukingojea visiting which was typically like 10 years away. Anyway, you go to seco, then you have your good times in campo, drinking your self silly and smashing freshers, before wajue kuoga vizuri na kujipaka make up. Hapo ndio masponye hutake over.

After campus every fuckin thing changes man! The shit head who never attended classes ashapata job in the county, he’s cruising in a new moti and here you are still hustling 5 years on! Halafu hapo ndio time hujua kukimbia. By the time you’re 26 like me! You’re in full panic mode! Time is running out and you don’t seem to be getting ahead fast enough. At this age, women want to know if you drive before they give even a second of their day!

Sahii, I’m 26, with a business that makes like 45k a month, though it’s growing fast, But I’m feeling like the most unaccomplished man in the world. I love what I do but some people seem to think I’m a loser for not getting into the corporate world like everyone else! Kwanza mathe akiniona ni kuanza tu kurant.

I’m I really doing badly for a guy my age? Older guys who are self employed, how is your life? Is it worthy it?

Even if that biz gave u 15k monthly, i would still tell you uko on the right path.

keti kwanza…


Focus on that!!! Thats whats key

hauko mbaya sana take your time, i know guys older than you who are doing worse. when i was your age i was earning 40 k a month in employment now 35 am making more than 150k side hustle and 80k employment. uko sawa

young man you are doing really well and should really not be worried at all. concentrate on building up that business you have and all the other things you think you should have like a car to keep up with your agemates are just jewellery, bling. You should instead be concentrating on building the inner you…that self disciplined young man who will see his business grow…and as your fortune grows all these other things like the beauties you think you should have will come in their time and by your design. For now i can only pray that you get a good woman that will be a genuine companion in your life’s journey rather than a trophy by which to measure yourself against your peers. live your life; do not try to fit in. and do not let the pressures from family weigh you down. if need be, tell relatives to give you a break; they have their lives and you have your future to build.

wise words…

This is some great advice…

@gashwin has already told u what you need to know.Adding anything else will be repeatation.

Vile mzee gashui amesema.

quit your life and live for your mother and all those others who have the best ideas about what you should do with yourself.
I dont like spineless people.

And conveniently you can never mention what your side hustle involves.
Anyway to OP, if you are making 45k in your own biz with potential to growing it gradually, forget about salaried employment and concentrate on your hustles.

Young brother u have a very bright life. But u don’t deserve that title. @gashwin has just said it. At your age devil comes in the name of a woman. Even if u try to fit in the class of your peers and call yourself a sponsor maslayqueen watapita Na hiyo bizz yako like a tsunami Ana cyclone. Hujawaji sikia msemo waamalizanga nyumba ya gorofa, mathree ikiwa njiani unaiuza kama scrap ama kaplot ulinunua kanaisha asap.

Find a good woman, settle n make up ua life looking no sides. I wish u yne best in your daily hustles Na bizz ikue tu sawa. Remember to put God first in everything.

Most people who post here have never owned a business… so to that end you’re only going to get imagined responses. Second, your issue seems psychological and probably this is not the best forum to address that.

Speak for your self idiot. If you don’t have any advice to give the young man, shut the fuck up na uendelee kulamba mhindi matako. Schupid!

Very sound advice. Si kama ng’ombe ingine hapa inajiita Nyamgondho.

he he…wacha ijibambe…

What I would advise you is to focus on your business full time and forget about women for the time being. Make sure you save at least a third of your earnings and invest in other ventures which will eventually supplement your income. Don’t lose hope and focus on your grind. The bitches (plus main chic) will come later.

Look, this is a sober thread and I wouldn’t want to ruin it with insults. I just gave my advice/observation along with others and it’s up to the young man to select that which resonates with him. I am not going down that rabbit hole.