Seems Like 2021 Will Be Worse Than 2020

Sio floods all over Europe and north Africa desert countries, wild fires, C19 nasty variants.

Meza dawa mapanya zitulie kwa hio akili yako.

[SIZE=5]Pessimist lambwa magoti na @uwesmake [/SIZE]


Butty you are laughing at your own jokes now?

Yes the same way @Ndindu = @Stormtrooper98

Both hardcore atheists. Both believe themselves to be descended from Egyptians. Both joined Ktalk around the same time.

[SIZE=5]Egyptian fanyiwa reverse cowgirl na @uwesmake utulie[/SIZE]

Butty you know very well I don’t believe in that Egyptian/Annunaki/alien nonsense. I as well have been a big critic of Ndindu’s doom and gloom theories. Wacha kuniwekelea butty.

A sick sick old man


Ako wapi bibi yako @Freyja ?

I don’t think all these calamities have schedules, ukiwa uhai endelea na maisha