Seems like 2020 might be better than 2019 economically

My Reasons:
First the recent rains will bring forth a bumber harvest to almost all regions of this country. If you go to Ukambani right now, the area is very green with maize, nzuu and grass. So is Masaailand and Northern Kenya. Food as a basic commodity is available, in plenty in a month that is otherwise very dry. Peasants are able to divert their meagre incomes to other areas apart from buying staple foods.

Secondly if Uhunye’s pledge to revive the tea, coffee and milk industry is anything to go by, peasants are likely to an an additional income. The recent raise will boost tea, coffee and milk production in the first quarter of this year.

Thirdly, this useless government does not want to borrow anymore from local fackaz aka the banks. It has every intention to borrow from world bank and other international lending institutions (so I read in some paper). This means the banks will have no option than to go back to SMEs and Individuals and start hawking their loans.

Fourth,this will be a referendum year; Though i find BBI inconsequential (nothing is going to change), money will be poured to ‘campaign’ for its passing in this referendum. Peasant will definitely get a small piece of this pie.

we want value for money, not for every 100b they get from us , they invest 20b. The rest is looted or used for campaigns!

Am also cautiously optimistic.

According to FAO the locust population is set to multiply five fold over the next five months sasa hio crop harvest is definitely affected

Yes, on matters economy, the road map shows signs 2020 will be better than 2019.

What are these other indicators?

Expected improvement of market liquidity after repeal of interest rate caps, the support agriculture is being given plus the good rains last year, plus I’ve gone for a few meetings where investor sentiments are positive

What if is a false hope.

God will surely bless us with many things this particular year. Especially after this ferking njaanuary is over.

That is why it is a forecast