Seems Francophone nations are not that much of a Sh!th**e

Information and knowledge.

When Tom Mboya did airlift of students to the USA an act that really rapidly changed Kenya. More should have been done by the fellow was taken too soon.

This is why I said you make conversations stale. Speaking in one’s mother’s tongue isn’t a big deal. But in Kenya it’s been used as a weapon to target people on a tribal basis.

I very well in support of some scholars who propose that Swahili becomes a continental language and written in Geez script. Thus removing us from dependence of our colonizers tongue. Information could be copied but overtime we would develop our own systems, and since Geez is a complex form of script it could lead to very secure numerical systems in terms of coding (but you’re not ready for that type of dialogue.) My ideas and thoughts on how to change the African continent would be seen as radical and people are not yet ready to hear or listen.

Japanese lingua franca is tied in to its rich history and culture. Like I said Language and History go hand in hand.

What history outside of coast do the tribes of Kenya have to show for?

You are dragging in three thousand irrelevant topics about nothing into an argument that you have clearly failed to support!

No one asked you for unrelated history lessons.

The question was simple, how in the world has English helped English speaking countries to develop???

There is no discernable advantage over other languages.

Ofcourse you also have to improve business environment… But language is as important and English is the buissness language and investors want to be able to communicate with the people in the country they are investing in… It all has its part which you can use your brain to understand as no one said that language is the only requirement for investment. Botswana has the language and the best buissness environment in Africa, but because of its small population which means a small market it has been losing on investment. If it had the same population is Nigeria it would have been a superpower a long time ago.

You are a special Imbecile . “the bullet was the means of the physical subjugation, the language was the means of the spiritual subjugation” Ngugi

Yaani ata iyo African Rennaisance monument ilijengwa na north korea…enyewe Thomas Sowell hakukosea akiongea kuhusu skill, culture and mindset

American investors learnt chinese and Japanese langauge to invest there. Where there is money investors will learn the language. In fact most people only learn English because they want to go to English first language countries.
Also the foreigners really struggle to understand the English we speak or the one Nigerians speak

Are you stupid? China is a 1.4 billion population industry… Do you think Americans and other english speaking people will learn Spanish to go invest in equatorial Guinea, a small nation of 1.3 million? Fool… Do you think americans will learn French so they can invest in Burundi while they can invest in other english speaking nations in East African Community? I shouldn’t even have to explain this logic to you.

And do you think most of these foreigners are dealing with illiterate africans speaking broken english? They are dealing with educated africans whom learnt everything studying pure english. There are no university materials in nigeria which is printed in nigerian pidgin, its all in English.

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Americans are learning Spanish more than any other foreign language if you did not know.
Nobody invests in Burundi because its unstable not because of the language. And Indians and Chinese are the main investors here in East Africa not those English speaking colonisers.
Educated Africans mostly speak broken English and those foreigners deal with educated Africans because they know they will sell their country for a few coins.

Do you suffer from low IQ? I’m talking about that no one is learning spanish to go invest in equatorial guinea… Again english is the buissness language and holding everything else constans like buissness environment, political stability etc., investors will prefer to invest in English speaking countries because english is the buissness language. And you damn bonobo continue to talk about instability while i have already said that language is just one aspect of it and an important one.

Stop talking low iq nonsense… Just because you can speak broken language doesn’t mean that you cant speak fluent english. Its human psychology to adapt. Are you that of a low IQ bonobo to really think that an educated person who studied all his education in english doesn’t understand pure english? They do, and they also understand broken english because its about adapting to your environment so people can understand you. Go to Nigeria and you will see PHD doctorates speaking nigerian pidgin to locals but not to international buissness men, because that is how languages work, you adapt.

Because nobody wants to invest in equitorial guinea or burundi not because of their English. American and British mostly invest in Asian American and European countries which dont speak English. Other investors like Chinese and Indian invest anywhere they can make money.
Just give me one example of a country that has received investment because of English

Goddamat you fuckin bonobo low IQ n*gger, Do you lack reading comprehension? I repeat, language is one aspect and there are other aspects like buisness environment and political stability, education etc. But language is an important aspect. Holding all of those other things equal, if you comprehend what that means, investors will choose the country which speaks English because english is the buissness language. Are you too stupid to understand this? And as i already said, China is 1.4 billion market that cannot be ignored and it created a good buissness environment for foreign investment to thrive.

If a country has all those things then nobody is going to care about the language they speak. That is what I am telling you.

I know you wanted to feel smart. But what ngugi is saying is just the scratch of the surface.

Missionaries brought religion and with them there language which had to be taught in schools setup by them. Then while they had you distracted the took over the land and etc.


With that in mind a majority of global research and patents documents are written in English.

Work - The ability for one to good paying job. Not factory work, but in specialized fields.

Travel - Almost anywhere you travel in this world you’ll find someone speaking in English. Making communication easier.

Yes they will… Are you stupid? English is the buissness language and if 2 countries have everything similar except language (English and French) foreigners are going to invest in the english speaking countries because they most likely know English than French because english is the buissness language. How hard is it to understand this? Are you stupid? English is the buissness language. Why would they invest in a french speaking part when they dont know the language and will transform to more money for their buissness in translation from french to english?

Goddammat. Low IQ is a big issue in Africa.

English is definitely the global language of business.

Having said that, the ability to speak English may be a factor in a company deciding to invest, but its a small factor.

For example, China isnt an English speaking country parse, but alot of investment is going their way from English, German, French speaking countries… why??

France’s Total, Airbus, Peugeot etc Invest all over the globe whether you speak French or not… Why??

Japanese companies like Nissan and Toyota sell their cars in all countries regardless of their local language… why??

The fact is, in our era, you can do business anywhere since languages are just a different way of saying the same things and these languages are readily translatable into another language

The important thing is to know the laws of that country whatever language they are written in. And also, know the countries attitudes etc to be used in marketing. For this, you can easily hire local talent like Total does

What part of the investors dont care about English because they are not English dont you understand? Chinese and other Asians and Europeans invest more in Africa than British and Americans. They mostly dont care because they dont speak English. That is why China has massive investments in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Angola South Africa basically anywhere they can make money. You seem like a person who believes all investors are white from America and a country cannot go far if they dont try to copy the Americans