Seems Francophone nations are not that much of a Sh!th**e

Here is view of Dakar city which is Sénégals capital and thé country’s biggest city

Senegal is one of few. They have never had any conflicts etc. And much like Ivory coast it is a heavily french puppet state and is central of franch colonialism in Africa (after Ivory coast) which is why its allowed some developement. Its only recently in 2012 that the country got its first african senegalese first lady. Majority of the first ladies have been french, 2 of them, and 1 of mixed lebanese and senegalese heritage. That tells alot because senegalese women are the most beautiful women on earth.

Yeah your right, their women also have natural beauty.

The real awakening is happening in Senegal they’re already slowly phasing out the French language in some schools and are starting to empower local languages and the shifting towards English.

The rest are lost. But I hope they learn from Senegal.

Depends on who you get your news from. Right now Kigali is put on a pedestal by those who want Kigali to be on that pedestal. Na Kigali ni ka place kadogo tu.

Kwa hii thread huwezi ona @Abba na @BBIsiMuhimu . Two fellows who blame France for everything. Hehehehe.

Shikwekwe kuja uone.

these francophone countries should adopt kiswahili too…the UN should be pushing this…

[SIZE=6]Phase out French… shift towards English… real awakening???[/SIZE]


After what they did to Libya iv never liked them

This is great. Alot of non english speaking african countries are missing out in investment because they dont want to shift. Rwanda shifted to English and has benefited from investment because even french speaking people who go there also know english as france and belgium teaches english now. In Burundi we have mentally colonised politicians and are missing out on investment (we have adopted English in school but only a quarter of the way). Its really an easy conclussion but at the same time so hard in africa.

Germany, Portugal, France , Belgium they all teach English these days. Without any doubt Burundi should follow the path of her neighbor Rwanda . The importance of the English language on the global stage is only getting better…

Yes very true. I really dream of the day we abandon french completely. Unlike other countries, in Burundi we have the same language for all Burundians which is kirundi with also swahili speakers. It will be easy to ditch French for English. But again the issue will be those mentaly colonised africans who prefer being mentaly colonised and cant think about doing what is best for the country. If we continue to value French more while the whole east african community uses english we will lose alot interm of investment and economics.

Hata picha za kuwank hakuna ghasia hii.

English is the business language even Chinese spend tons of money ensuring they have some comprehension of English.

Mandinka and Wolof are being used as learning languages in rural areas thus ensuring education reaches all.

And also pan african movement and celebration of Africa huko.

Investment from where. Investors will go anywhere they will make money they dont care about language. Africa will never attract serious investors if it does not improve the business environment. Rwanda did not just switch to English it improved the business environment

I thought China wants the world to learn Mandarin!

It’s only the African who speaks the colonial languages. The Arabs conduct business in their local languages. The Koreans , the Japanese, the russians, the Turks… ni mwafrika pekee huongea colonial languages.

And speaking English has never made anyone a financial giant/economic powerhouse. If it was true then Africans would be superpower economies.

And if you move across Europe its only England that speaks English!

Every European country uses their traditional language(s).

The Germans speak German, the French use French, Norwegians speak Norwegian and Sami, the Finns speak Finnish etc etc.

I watched those videos numerous times and I didn’t see any French men anywhere.

During Rwanda genocide I didn’t see any Frenchmen or Belgians holding machettes. It was African adults killing fellow Africans.

In DRC Congo where they chop off women’s breasts and split open pregnant women’s stomachs, it is fellow Africans who conduct these activities on other Africans of the opposing tribe or clan.

Even in the Patrice Lumumba arrest and assassination it was black African soldiers manhandling Lumumba as Mobutu watched. Black people do this shit!

You need to start accepting responsibility for your actions.

You can’t keep passing the buck to the “others”. You chose to chop off those breasts France didn’t force you! You wanted to. You chopped the breasts because [SIZE=5]she is from another tribe different from yours.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]You chopped that person’s head because he is a Tutsi and you are Hutu. You are a human being. You chose. You have brains and hands. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]You took a panga and you chopped. Wacha kusema ni France na ni wewe.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]In Libya it is the local Libyans who rebelled against their president! They woke up and did it. And even shoved a knife in his ass. Did he have it coming? Probably yes.[/SIZE]

You make discussions stale.

Language and history go one and another. If people know there history then language can prevail.

Europe was conquered by the Romans. Latin is the basis of romantic languages. The Vikings conquered Northern Europe there language and traditions and histories are within the Nordic language.

The British Empire conquered the earth and ensured major populations of people speak English. The Spanish, Dutch and French also did the same.

The strongest country in the world which you praise daily. Was born from the British empire and pretty much made English the determining factor when doing business globally.

We’re literally typing in English. The Swahili we learn uses vowels and letters from the English language. If you can’t see how powerful the English language has become then this will be a foolish discussion.

Where lands which were conquered language and new cultures will take dominance. Africa right now is awakening mentally we are rediscovering our histories. I find it shocking the average African knows more what happening on the ground in the USA than even in there own backyard…

How will speaking English make you a super power???

Can you kindly explain to me how speaking English has made Kenya rich.

I guess you are one of those idiots who thinks that ignoring your mother tongue and speaking in polished English makes you to look more intelligent!

No it doesnt. You are still an African idiot. And the Britishers fool you that their language makes you to look smart which it doesn’t. It was a terrible lie.

Japanese kwanza wanagwara kizungu like a nonsense, can’t string two words in English yet they are miles ahead of you in every economic sphere.

So tell me again @MortyTuumbo how has speaking English improved your situation in life economically?

Africans adopted English because they were forced to speak and write in English.

To “reawaken” the African you must decolonize by using your own local dialects!

And Americans don’t speak Victorian English they speak very many forms of “Americanized” english including their own unique words and slang e.g Hebonics, Black American Ebonics etc.

There is the yankee accent or version of English which is very different from Victorian English, there is the Southern accent, the East and west coast accents etc.

And within the U.S sub-continent itself there are dozens of other languages spoken depending on one’s cultural background.