See your MP Punchinelloing

all you need is $ 500
Orengo and Otiende Omolo High Courting, Moses Kuria CPAing, Uhuru Brooksiding, Kalembe Kavalukuing, Rao KGasing, Jaguar $500 Dollaing


Hizo ni Cabaret Sauvignon ngapi ? Coz I see its cabaret show or something, and his music aint shit.

Lambada is trash… hata iwe sare wacha tu.

Also, Jaguars performance ziko too boring. Hata uwe umekunywa konyagi 6 haiwes bamba.


Jet-setting is the word hear.

 You use jet-setting to describe people who are rich and successful and who have a luxurious lifestyle.

Jet-Setting doesn’t seem to work in the same sentence with Club Lambada but sawa

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$500.00, is class specific.



Lambada? If I want to get drugged and have a fat man cum on my hair while his friend steals my makeup and tries on my clothes, I can always go to Tribeka.

Dhanks but no dhenks!


Yenyewe umepitia mengi :D:D:D


Leta hio hekaya:D:D:D:D

didn’t see your comment because i blocked you

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mbona wameandika dollars na kshs ama ni ku confuse wazungu

nilifikiri ni typo but you could be on point

Hio dollar sign ni madoido tu to be realistic plus kuna difference ya cabaret show na cabernet wine

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WTF :D:D:eek:

@kush yule mnono Uliwasha nduthi na nywele ya @Nefertities ?

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Your fault cuz you have Rapunzel-Esque kinda hair. :D:D

Happy New Year Bish!

Herpes new year!




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