See What Trump's Neighbors Did To Him After He Moved To His Mar-a-Lago Estate

it seems Donald Trump’s rich neighbors don’t like the idea of him turning his Mar-a-Lago estate into his private residence. Donald Trump is now living in his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida after leaving the White House. Even though there are speculations that Trump might go down in history as the worst president in US, it seems his neighbors in Palm Beach might believe this.

Trump’s neighbors allegedly hired pilots who flew two planes right on top of his estate. The two planes were flying with two different banners that had words that were against Trump. The first plane circled round Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate pulling a banner with the words “TRUMP WORST PRESIDENT EVER.” Check out the photos below
The second plane also followed, carrying a banner with the words “TRUMP YOU PATHETIC LOSER GO BACK TO MOSCOW”
His neighbors were the ones who allegedly hired pilots to fly those two plane carrying banners with hurtful words against Trump. They didn’t welcome him with open arms.

Did they owe him that?

they just fancy him not to be there.

Manze going down like this,hadi naonea hio carrot huruma

Wachana na that one lunatic pilot. Kwa ground his neighbours love him. They have been cheering him wherever he goes.

these are when Trump arriving at Florida on the day he left the white house for good, si lazima kuna wale vidampaa wa kukukaribisha nyumbani.

Wachana na CNN and yahoo propaganda. His neighbours at palm beach love him.

Click bait takataka headline. Ghaseer

No these photos are when he went to play golf last Saturday.

They are the losers. Trump does not care about their death or being alive, ata deepstate hakuwatambua

Those haters can shove their hatred up their asses for hell sake!

I thought Trump is protected by secret service even out of office, flying above his residency is a threat.remember he killed qasem soleimani,Iran wants him arrested by interpol:D

Wasting your money just because you hate someone is pathetic [ATTACH=full]346636[/ATTACH]