See what diamond does to your ghels


they are adults, they part their legs in consensual sex.

:D:D:D:D:D… You can’t save her

Consensual sex as you have been told up there… Next…

nilisoma diamonds

sasa nilishindwa inahusikanaje na picha kitu five minutes:D

He’s navigated his life to be part of the top 5% who gets the top 95% at will. While the remaining 95% who do not upgrade themselves struggle for the remaining 5%. Watu wajijenge. Don’t chase bees, build the hive the bees will bring themselves.

They are cheap attention seekers who want his fame and money. I have also seen he gets very bad women. I.e. they are also celebrities in their own right so they want to share the limelight with him and even use him to get fame e.g. Tanasha and Hamisa Mobetto.

There is a time Raila appeared on Churchill and Churchill tried asking the wife a question. Raila said she will get her day you interview her.

Kisha don’t ever assume someone successful is foolish. Diamond has come from very modest beginnings and his family are very vigilant in watching these women. That is their source of livelihood and legitimacy so they won’t allow mchezo around it.

Bora umwage ndani ya kuma ya human being Premenopause. Hizo percentages Enda ukule ugali nayo

:smiley: Ndio maana mtaendelea tu kunyonga tumbili mkiangalia picha za exes wake badala mfike bei kama yeye.

We fuck tighter younglings than those hoes he fucks,zaris coomer had been demolished by Ivan’s semwanga who mwangad ndaani and produced 3 boys,kufika bei ni kukula mabakshish ya wanaume?