Security to Suit you

When Absnias prime minister landed at Juba inter airport, this tigers came down first. Hii
Hii ni bunduki gani watu wangu…


It’s on CNN brary dingoingo

Hii ni wapi ango?

Hii ni isiopia


Clawmatsu XM-15

Such firepower is not meant for close combat situations,infact its almost useless in some cases.VIP protection details should have light handguns,easy to handle and maneuver plus efficient.Hizi ni kelele ya chura

Hamjacheki kadem ka security hapo

its perception, show of might tu.

I knew a mwendawazimu would spot her. Hehehe. Pervert alert

That’s mind game … they’re just making the attackers top fear bure tu … hamna kitu hapo

Hautachomoa binduk yako ukiona hiyo yake


Clawmatsu iwi tavor perhaps?

You’re correct it’s not a bushmaster but a IWI Tavor.