If you meet or see this thug please report to the nearest police station. He is dangerous and will shoot at slightest provocation.ukipatana na yeye akuhande patia yeye chenye anadai. The dude can’t venture out during the day,he is a member of usiku Sacco.@pamba kwani huyu jamaa amejificha wapi.jina ni mwane kasee mbaya Sana. [ATTACH=full]98282[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]98283[/ATTACH]

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huyu iko Godfather analinda yeye

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Avae tu bra size 36D.


Mchana ni mandukulu na Red Bull apate nguvu ya kuibia watu.


na tulisema hii fangi ni common denominator watu hapa wakarukaaaaa…


Very true… Otherwise angekua chakula cha mchwa by now.

Not the usiku sacco of which am patron.

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kona mbaya passie ama gani ES

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By the way ES unajua Kuna criminal gang hujiita usiku sacco

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Yes, saw that in one of the security updates

Usiku sacco ya ktalk of which @Fala 12 is the custodian of the keys and @pamba na @Lola ndio founder members tukiwa klost

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hao gang members ni talkers tu hapa hapa.

Name them

Meffi hata red bull na ugali?

Umewashwa au?

You are wrong and will always be no matter how many times you use this flawed reasoning.

Hata pombe na Redbull. Causation does not infer causality.

The heavy amounts of weed circulating in Kenya is not only being consumed by thugs.

The thing is, thugs sometimes smoke marijuana. Unless there’s scientific proof to show it causes psycopathy then shove it, mzee.

why are you angry?

Ad Eminem.

I am not, just making sure you get point that you are running away from.

Eminem amedo?

He dropped a diss track targeting the person rather than the point.