Security Guard's Side hustle

This guy works at Nakumatt Development Hse as a security guard. He sells pencil potraits btwn 500-2k as a side hustle. Support him if u can

How do you want us to support him

Ask him to draw u and pay him

Kama niko mashinani atanifikia aje kama the slow salesman @vapiano hajaweka njia yoyote ile tunaweza asiliana naye?

let me ask for contacts

But you got to ask whether he is confortable with you sharing his personal info too…slow salesman @vapiano

Pivot Point Alumnus…
Moto sana.

Jessssssssuz… MOTO SANA… I ain’t asking for any truce any time soon. Juu kazi yako ni kulike na kuchora. You never ‘talk’ itachukua muda…aluta continua

@vapiano any chance that u cud b that guard?


How much Soulja?

Learn to read. You can’t see the prices quoted.

shait…tuseme mi masweep ama nini?