Sectors hit hard by COVID-19

Economists of ktalk,can you give us a breakdown of sectors that have negatively been impacted by COVID 19?
A good number of Kenyans have either lost their jobs or have been sent on indefinite and unpaid leave.Thread

-Nairobi hospital recently shut down all their satellite branches
-NCBA has shut down 8 branches

Tourism and all the related sectors
Public transportation
Private SMEs


Na Nakuru supermarket ya chrome?

Everybody takes a big hit. It will be felt after some time.

Gyms and clubs are definitely gone.

Nairobi Hospital closed their satellite clinics so that they can man and focus on infection control at the main hospital. Their staff is also being housed closed by and away from their families.

Airlines wamekubali riwe riwaro

People aren’t eating out anymore. It’s too risky to take off your mask and eat in public. Even with social distancing, the sitting surfaces could have the virus. I’ve noticed that supermarkets are doing great business because most people are cooking their own food.

Most people aren’t buying new clothes or shoes, due to lack of places to visit and also limiting their discretionary income as they brace for tough economic times ahead.

Gas stations are feeling the pinch because demand for oil is at an all time low.

Here’s a survivor of the 1918 flu pandemic narrating what it was like back then…He says the pandemic changed human behavior for a long time. It wasn’t until 1922 (4 years later) that people felt comfortable to resume their normal lives.

Sai mathree Kuna zile zinaweka net ya 2k or even less in rongai na loan inakungoja… basically inabidi uongee na bank ulipe interest pekee but still pia sio rahisi

I wonder how guys in Mombasa are surviving.With the latest directive it means the SGR is transporting all the cargo from the port.Most if not all the hotels have shut down.It’s getting messy out here

Mkumbuke tu deree twa uber pia.

wah wenye hudrop divas wa 3k shot moja

Bars and restaurants among the worst hit


Hapa sii hata kuna ya 50/=?

Nimeona mahali village sponsors wakidai tuwe patient hiyo bei inakuja.