Secrets of the seven sisters

This is a documentary by Al-Jazeera about how the major oil companies operate/bring down African countries. Someone had mentioned this doc back in klist; had planned on seeing it and forgot about it until it was aired tonight.

I’m not sure whether to congratulate Al-Jazeera for the documentary. Obama was here and then to Ethiopia. There’s oil in both countries and Ethiopia also has huge reserves of shale oil.

With what I’ve seen, and with how we Kenyans are divided on multiple fronts; if these guys decide to play us against each other like the Biafra war, fucked we are. Unless we do something soon


I think you are talking about the same documentary that Icecube has just posted on a few minutes ago…


I’m actually the one who’d posted it in klist. It’s a four part series, a rerun first broadcast around 2013. Very well researched. Explains a lot about the conflicts surrounding crude oil resources worldwide.

The four episodes should be available either in YouTube or from Aljazeera website.


Si upost hapa?

Niko kwa kabambe. This is the best I can do at the moment:


Azande zana Mtabibu. Watu waone how things are fucked up in other countries because of a few people’s greed. We need our own Gaddafi or Khomeini otherwise hawa watu wa mashamba, kula mahindi na kuteremsha na mafuta na kula pesa ya KKV na NYS will put us in deep deep shit

in the docu you also understand Saddam/US relations and how the US fukced him good pushing him to fight Ayatollah for close to 8 years woth the promise of giving him Kuwait. When Saddam asks for Kuwait US dodges him so he decides to grab it and operation desert storm rains on him. That docu made me understand middle east politics kabsaaa. Only two middle east leaders have stared the west in the eye and had their way: Col. Nasser of Egypt and Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran

Now, watch this and (partly) learn why Saddam and Gadaffi had to go: the petrodollar.

Great videos to make my edutainment playlist.