Secretly recording lanye during sex

Kuna chanel ya telegram inaitww quickie ya msee anarecord sex escapeds na lanye kwa brothel…iwonder where anapata hii courage…anyway please give link kama ukonayo

Ni ile ya Mark Muga? Fuck that nigga


That nigga played us into joining his telegram channel na hakuna kenye amewai post. Stupid nigga

So you mean you are that naive? Hehe

Know the difference between being Naive and being curious. I was Curious to know if he was going to expose their faces

Sijui nikuite legendistic ama lambistic

The stupid motherfucker changed the link and started charging $20 to join the channel. I aint paying for porn and never will.


Naive aje dumb @Beast wewe

Lanye ukimuongezea punch or thao anakubali um record bora ukae mbali na uso yake

Umbwa don’t argue with me. Do you know why we say “akanyal click” whenever an external link is presented here?

Naive - (of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement

Kabisa, ule jamaa anaitwa Naitiger huwa anarecord akikula malaya za tagged dry fry

When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers

I never saw this coming:D:D:D the nigga wants us to pay to watch him fuck githurai Lanye wenye wamechapa na kuna telegram which is free


No you are the one who is a loser, being naive joining a fake telegram channel to see a fellow man fcuk, tafuta madem soft meat ukule wachana na kujoin funny groups ndio uone ndume wenzako wakikula vitu, umbwaaaaa

Mutu mijinga zaidi

maumbwa kama @Jemo24 fell for that shit

Tupee link ya hio channel