Secretary of state

A very small tiny bird has whispered to me that :
" The main reason why he came to kenya and other african nations was to sign a pact to do massive deportation easily. It was top secrecy agreement hidden in a bunch of paperworks.As you know that process is never easy and it’s cumbersome, but if some goodies are given in form of aid, then the country receiving the deportee will accept him/her quick"
Once the deal went through, he was done and blamed on sickness. Now you guys know .

@Swansea rudi bondo, io umeosha tunyanye haga tosheka

Hio ‘tiny bird’ iko pale mogoka base?

That’s why you’ll forever remain hungry!
Badala ya kula Quail, unaanza kuiuliza maswali!

ile KUMA ya ma gifs irudishwe huku tuinyonge

And your silly tiny hungry bird failed to tell you that he cut short his whole tour and returned to Washington citing more pressing issues there.
Or the Chadians and Nigerians signed the pacts before he could land in their countries?

you will remember what i said 2 weeks from today . read the papers …loading …

Your handle betrays you

Very possible. I wouldn’t dismiss this

The guy has been fired

I have put up a thread about the sacking.

this very small tiny bird:D:D:D