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Today in the News

  1. A talker is in deep distress after finding out that his girlfriend has been eaten by kikulacho. He got assistance from a talker (or 2 - could be the same ama mtu tofauti). Asaidiwe aje? Any words for the man who currently ako machozi na amejifunika bedsheet? He says ako kahawa wendani lakini the truth is ni rafiki yake ndio alikuwa ndani kabisa :D:D

  2. The hate continues as 4 talkers are tagged an abused by an anonymous hater. Could it be the famous shadow-boxer who was attacking our very on Jaymoh?

  3. Read from bottom to top (gay as that may sound)


Shoga wewe… you are the red and blue arrows, wacha ushoga

well well, the red arrow has been detected :D:D
mara kwa mara tumesema kwa forum ya kwamba si wako usipokuwa na yeye. now see what johnte did to you(r girl)

blue arrow you can come out now

We have only one talker from wendani … that who has hit a like there!

this secrets section looks like a place for salon mamas. how about leaving that garbage there?

randomness ni mtu wa wenda?

Mi hio sekshon sijai crick.