Second Wife Drama

This is the scorned second wife of Heze Ndung’u(the akorino singer). So she’s been wearing the clothes he left at her place and making appearances as him and perfoming his songs.


Am assuming Hezeh ndung’u is dead. If so why havent men in that family taken away his clothes? A man’s clothes should not be left with any of his wives. Sisi hufanya vitu zingine huko western mnasema culture yetu iko backward oneni sasa hizi ujinga…hizi kunguru zinaeza hata olewa tena na zipee the new mbaruyia boyfriend nguo za mwenda zake…not right.


Hezeh is very much alive

If so then i withdraw my statement…the problem is much bigger…to be addressed by snr elders of the forum

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Niaje Mikel,nipatie through pass ya kienyeji moja hapo kangemi


Huyu mama is on another level.
Amesema atasumbua Heze Ndungu mpaka siku yake mwisho.
Heze appeared on Kameme FM to state categorically that he has only one wife…hamjui huyu mumama.
They were to be reconciled by Pastor JJ on Friday but in never happened.

So right now the MWK has gone berserk. Fodder for content creators.


Siwezimind kunyonga akivaa hizo nguo

He’s not dead. Ni bibi amekataa kulisha

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These wakorino guys are the wolf in sheepskin… I had earlier narrated how ruthless my former property agent who happens to be one of them was. He once tried his shenanigans with me… i told him i would kick that hat off his head. Apeleke watu amezoea upus.

I kept seeing those pics sikua najua nini inaendelea. So kunguru software imachapa she is acting up

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Kujia…and am serious

Baba ya femi one apana bemebeleza kunguru. She can wear his clothes as much as she wants to. Anakaa tu chizi jilted. At some point ata Wacha because she can’t do this forever, and that’s when baba femi one atakuwa ameshinda.never give in to crows

Some women are the perfect specimen for insanity drug trials.