Second Nyali Bridge

Plans to construct a second bridge at Nyali crossing in Mombasa gained momentum Wednesday after the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) identified firms to partner with under Public-Private Partnership (PPP).
The three firms shortlisted are Nyali Connect Consortium, IHI-Join-Acciona Consortium and Strabag AG.
According to John Cheboi, KURA communication officer, one of the firms will be selected for the project after negotiations.
“It is the qualified firm that the government will get into a deal with. We want to start negotiations and see who can offer the best deal from the three,” said Mr Cheboi.
Mr Chepoi added that they are waiting for the Treasury to renew consultancy services contract with Deloitte, which expired, to enter further engagement.
Mr Cheboi also said they are set to determine the cost of the project and commencement date.

The proposed bridge will be 500 metres to the east away from the current Nyali Bridge and approximately 520 metres across Tudor creek.
It will start from Abdel Nasser Road on the Island and join Links Road on the northern mainland. The new bridge will pass near the Tamarind Hotel where the old Nyali Bridge was.
The construction of the bridge is part of the larger Mombasa Transport Master Plan that will help reduce congestion in the tourism hub.
The bridge will be an alternative link between Mombasa Island and the North Coast. The current bridge was built about 38 years ago and is the only road connection between Mombasa mainland and the island.
It was built by the Japanese when the population of Mombasa was estimated at less than 200,000.
Speaking in an interview, Mombasa county Transport Executive Tawfiq Balala said the bridge will help deal with traffic congestion experienced by motorists from the Northern Coast.
Mr Balala said at least 70 per cent of vehicles coming to the Central Business District come from Links Road where the bridge will land.
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Long overdue

They better hurry up, the Chinese contractor expanding the Mariakani to Mombasa CBD to a three lanes dual road is progressing rapidly. All that added vehicular volume can’t be met by the current Nyali bridge.

Also remember this new bridge will be built by PPP where investors will build it using their own funds. It will be the biggest bridge in the region until Likoni bridge is built.

Hope strabag AG gets it, his section of the A109 wakiwa na Mugoya bado iko chonjo

Strabag AG was given the elevated road between Westlands and JKIA by former President Kibaki in 2008. Later a Russian firm bought controlling shares. World bank as a west puppet couldn’t allow that to go unnoticed. They refused to fund the project with the excuse that the Russian firm was accused of kickbacks in the past. Strabag AG was mad asking it still has control and leadership of the company. World Bank refused and dilly dallied for 10 years up to now. They had already signed the funding contract so couldn’t be removed without risking court action and the blowout after. That agreement expired this year and CCCC have been given that road project by PPP.

Links road haina right of way… alafu Tamarind itafanywaje?

SANY itaguruma Msa

3 trains per day.
can i send you my CV

Na venye bado watu wanalianga white elephant hapa. The number of trucks and damage that has been avoided through this one trip is immense. I imagine money is being raked in from the handling fees.

Hold on. I thought no bridges in likoni just cable cars

There is supposed to be a bridge not sure when construction will begin.

what is a white elephant to you? taxpayers pay 1 billion shillings per month to star of africa railway company to earn less than 200 million per month. io kwako si white elephant? na mnalia knh iko in bad shape, na pesa yote mnapea dragon people