Second liberation.

Moi Day 10th October 1997. Muite amebebwa juu kwa juu. Hawa walevi watatu wanachapwa bure.

Huyu kijana ako ndani ya lorry ni kama amefinywa sehemu nyeti.

11 August 1995. Richard Leakey whipped solidly. They stoned his still new Landrover discovery.

1990 first saba saba :

3 Oct 1995, Koigi jailed again by judge William Tuiyot :

2007 Uhuru begging Okuyus not to revenge against the Kalenjin, Luos or Kambas :

Who were they liberating? From what?

Liberation from that Kalenjin devil called Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi and his highly corrupt, nepotistic and tribalistic govt.

As a country we have come from far and have really “matured”.

Many people got hurt as these saba saba politicians sought power. Genuine liberators like Martin shikuku, Orengo, and Paul Muite were overtaken by ruthless cutthroats like the odingas.

Moi alikuwa mwooto ya kuotea mbali

Seems a lot of vigilantes were working with police because most of those guys in plainclothes don’t look or act like cops.

Sioni Nabii

You have no place to hide. Tukutane Tuesday

That video was made specifically to enable Uhuru to be able to deni what he had just done.

This was on the same day meetings and facilitation for the mungiki that went and killed Naivasha flower farm jaluoz were done with akina Maina Diambo and another 12 mungiki leaders who were later all killed within a month of 07/08 PEV ending.

It worked exactly as planned and the video was shown to judges at his ICC trail showing him pleading with people to keep the peace and not retaliate.

That is how maaskari wa serikali used to conduct themselves in the 80s and 90s. When you hear older Kenyans saying siku hizi wamereform you may wonder what the hell they’re talking about. Well now you have an idea of how much worse they were back then.

Kenyan cops are just thugs in uniform…like we have thieves in suits in parliament + senate + governor’s

Dorobo you are usually a cop defender. What’s changed?

Nabii has never involved himself with trivial things of lesser men.

Ukweli usemwe